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  1. I found a 2 pack of small aluminum rails in a clearance pile at Wal-Mart For $1. I cut a notch off the rail and grinded/profile two grooves to match the gb. Then I took the gb off the gun drilled two holes in the gb and taped it and screwed on the rail. I did this on my vepr 12. The rail already had two screw locations. Rail is a weaver 48346 .
  2. I think this is the HD answer to the honda grom or nome. I know two people that got the honda in the last few weeks.
  3. I see why the cheek rest is needed the angle of the molot stock seem's a bit to much. This side folder is not for me.
  4. Here's mine Tromix shark brake Tromix fcg Tromix firing pin JTE main spring ACE stock with folding mech MSA adapter Also have a XS big dot but I could not get the windage drum to budge.
  5. Mine has a slight cant. The bottom of the rail is the problem,it is milled/molded with more plastic to one side at the back end. I will get a Alm one when they are ready.
  6. Fedex really know's how to take the fun out of Vepr12

  7. Will the Tromix weld on stock plate work?
  8. I know you guys can't wait for Russia's new drug to hit our major city's. http://www.buzzfeed.com/gavon/seriously-dont-use-krokodil
  9. The thread question is Any difference in gas system Reread the topic Any difference in gas system between 12S and 12K? S and k has nothing to do with barrel length or gas system.
  10. Yes if his barrel is long the gas ports are differant then the short barrel, but that still has nothing to do with k or s.
  11. S and K have nothing to do with the gas system. They make the same gun in S and K. K means The trigger-and-firing mechanism blocking allows delivering fire only when the buttstock is unfolded. S 's has No blocking of the trigger-and-firing mechanism.
  12. havok

    Factory LRBHO

    The only place to buy a factory lrbho kit is rusmilatry. Cadiz lrbho works with drums and sticks mags but when using drums the bolt auto closes with drums.Mine is tuned to close when inserting any mag. And it takes about a day to install your first one. The cadiz is no longer sold but I bet if you called them they will sell you one.
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