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  1. This rifle is still for sale. If intersted please txt 727 643 2957. Thanks
  2. That's why I'm asking, because I DONT want a pistol grip on a hammer gun.
  3. I'm out of town without it for another week However it has just the regular wood adult length Monte Carlo type wood stock.
  4. Sorry no pics atm. I got a nef sp1 super super cheap from a pawn shop awhile ago. The previous owner had let the bore rust up and broke off the forarm lug. After chopping the barrel to 18.25", moving the sight bead, de-rusting everything and welding on a new lug I made I feel it's a great truck gun. But now I think I want it even shorter then it is but still have a legal length shotty without having to SBS the thing. I would also like a useable length stock...is the butt igly "m4" style colapsable stock from ATI my only option? Having a pistol grip on a hammer long-gun seems awkward an
  5. If you texted me about this last night (3jun2015), I apologize but my 18 month old got ahold of my phone and deleted your msg before I could respond. Please resend your msg and I will reply as soon as I can, thank you.
  6. Any reasonable offers? Text me at 727 643 2857
  7. Ammo not in this pic but is definitely included with the rifle
  8. Bump and I forgot to say that was Or Best Offer on the asking price.
  9. Saiga 308 for sale. 22 inch barrel, standard conversion done by myself with a tapco g2 double hook trigger group, black tapco ak style stock and hand grip, and factory forearm. Selling with two 25 rnd SGM mags, the factory mag converted to 10 rnd and approx 430 rnds of brown bear fmj ammo. Asking $1100.00. Make sure your ffl will accept shipments from non ffl or will do ftf if you are in the middle tennessee area. I don't get much time to check the forum anymore, if interested please txt 727-643-2857
  10. Chickens go in the coop to sleep so they only need enough room to get in and out, YOU on the other hand are going to want to get in there without crawling around in the mess and hitting your head. give your egg layers some boxes big enough they can turn around in, about a foot or so off the floor of the coop with some straw bedding. Put a perching bar up high so everyone else is happy. give them their own door about 3 feet off the ground so they can come and go as they please during the day but you can close at night during the winter or if you have problems with other critters. Make sure
  11. My parents kept chickens and turkeys together for a few years, never had a problem other then keeping them feed in the winter time. They quit keeping turkeys because of winter feed cost and the mess they left everywhere. If your a turkey hunter, raising domestic turkeys keeps the wild ones near the house...can't beat a real turkey call, lol.
  12. This. I put the 20# hammer spring and the 22# recoil spring in mine and its a real good shooter. I got mine in minty condition with 2 mags for $150 OTD 9 years ago. I'd probably offer the same and go from there.
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