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  1. I got the romy wire folding stock and its very solid. Got it for $80 shipped from gunbroker.
  2. I'm planning on installing bullet guide cause I want to used surplus mag, cheaper and all metal. In the long run when you buy any other ak besides saiga then you can used either mags for both guns.
  3. The black handguard is tapco. Someone said if I change the upper it will defeat the purpose of it being us made.
  4. Ya I have a romy wire folder stock so not us made so I need a new piston tha will make it 4 us part then. 3 trigger group and the piston, I have a tapco pistol grip but that don't count I guess.
  5. Hmm so what else can I replace to be complaint? I got rifle used. So I don't know what else he change.
  6. maglock and stock pinned for californias awesome law lol.
  7. I see. Thanks men well I live in cali and so far I have more that 4 922r, tapco trigger group and pistol grip and the raddlock maglock count as 5 so ill be ok with this gas tube then.
  8. Will it count as 922r cause I also have a kvar lower handguard.
  9. Will this fits a saiga converted? and will this be a us made because dph does not say. http://dpharms.com/product_info.php?cPath=61_27&products_id=275
  10. Damn those guns are sweet, speacially those galil's both SAR and AR version under the saiga.
  11. that is beutiful, where did you get the wood kit you said?
  12. Their web page says those sets are imported so they will do nothing for compliance, but swapping one foreign part for another? Might be kosher--not sure. Someone on the forum will have the answer for you. You wouldn't be able to use hi-cap mags. I live in cali so no need for hicap mag, i want the wood kit cause now i have the tapco black furniture i like it but i want a classic ak look.
  13. I have a saiga 7.62, can i fit regular ak wood kit on it? or do i have to do any modification. I dont know if this is made in the US but would this be illegal? http://dpharms.com/reproduction-russian-la...2be49e57abb0000
  14. I cant wait to get my ak converted saiga 8 more days , my friend saiga was stock when i shot it but he sold it to me for $500 already converted and did all the work himself. So did i got good deal on this? i love the gun cause its a ak and cant wait to shoot it.
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