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  1. SOLD For sale: IZ-109 (19" threaded barrel, bolt hold open, regular sights). This was restored to pistol grip configuration with the usual modified Tapco G2 trigger group, Tromix trigger guard, and Tapco SAW grip. The longer factory stock looks a little odd but it gives a nice long length of pull for us taller guys. The Phoenix muzzle attachment and ProMag 10 rounder are included, along with all the factory goodies, manual, and box. The ProMag was fitted to the gun but never fired so I won't guarantee it's functionality. This gun was mostly a safe queen and is not completely broken in yet.
  2. The receivers and 30rd mags are still available. I guess I'm not the only one that's all stocked up! I will consider reasonable offers and discounts on multiple items.
  3. New Sabre Defense 14.5" stripped barrel, M4 feed ramps, mid-length gas port, 1/7" twist, chrome lined, 5.56 chamber - $200 shipped SOLD New Smith Vortex 5.56 flash supressor - $35 shipped SOLD Three new Smith & Wesson M&P15 (AR15) stripped lower receivers, no caliber markings (great for detailed guys who use non-.223/5.56 uppers) - $110 each or $300 for all 3 shipped to your FFL One unfired Smith & Wesson M&P15 (AR15) lower receiver built with CMMG lower parts kit and CMMG 2 stage trigger; has a few fine scratches in finish from bumping in safe; missing rear takedown pin, de
  4. I bet! I'd pay money to see the fatcat club shooters fill their pants when you uncase that thing. Anyone ever fail to realize what it was and tell you that you can't use a rifle?
  5. Thanks for the support guys. I think the sort of culture Frick describes naturally grows in any technical/information-oriented internet forum, especially hunting/shooting ones. I was disappointed to see it rear up in this forum, but I hope this sort of thing is still the exception rather than the rule around here. Either way, this forum is an invaluable resource and I'm thankful for it. If my participation in it becomes more annoyance than it's worth to me then I will do something else with my time. No worries here. Back to our regularly scheduled topic - I'm glad someone else found this a
  6. My order got voided too. Man it sucks trying to buy stuff in this spastic market!!
  7. Exactly what I needed. Thanks for the heads-up!!
  8. Ripper1 was a pleasure to deal with. My parts were exactly as advertised and received promptly. All correspondence was also very prompt. He's a good guy doing good business.
  9. Since I'm not a regular reader of the .410 forum, I searched this forum for AT-14 info before posting. I found nothing, so I thought I was contributing. Apparently I should have searched for more general AR references. If you thought I was referring to the Saiga community overlooking the AT-14, that was not my intent. I meant that this AR company has overlooked our beloved AK-based .410 in making their claim, and I thought they deserved some teasing for the claim. Pardon me if I was unclear or if I wasted bandwidth on a well-kicked horse.
  10. Tonight I found this advertisement for "...the first smooth bore, 410 cal., semi Automatic shotgun ever based on an assault rifle." http://www.americantactical.us/images/SAFIRSILAH.jpg It looks like someone hasn't been paying attention! How long has the Saiga .410 been on the market now? Maybe it only qualifies as an "assault rifle" if it's AR-related. Will the vanity ever end? I thought you might get as much of a laugh out this as I did.
  11. There are few things more annoying than ignorant people who are convinced of their superiority. Deluded indeed.
  12. Dustin, I have a 20" 7.62x39 new in box with all the goodies along with a Surefire 30rnd mag for $350 face-to-face. I am in your area. Let me know if you are still looking.
  13. Everything on her when you adopted her was my elbow grease. You definitely took her to the next level though. Well done!
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