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  1. What the heck, I will enter although I never win anything. I thought Mike said 1 number? Here are mine in order of preference top to bottom just in case it is only 1 allowed............ 5766 5982 3788 Thanks Mike.
  2. Post your pics here when you get them. Here we go..........Not professional but I hope it gives everyone an idea of what it looks like.
  3. Greg, Just got mine and all I can say is Wow! Thanks for the quick delivery. The pictures you have do not do this thing justice. I am in the process of installing it and fit and finish is perfect so far. Worth every Dollar. I will post some pics when I have better light.
  4. Thanks Greg. The folding I plan to add later, want to see how the current conversion turn out and waiting for the SBS pprwk to come back.
  5. Tony, any updates on a release date and prices? Thanks.
  6. My numbers are 323/500 and as Bvamp says it does not mean there is an issue as mine has 3 holes and seems to cycle fine.
  7. I posted the same question on another forum and got this as a basic answer. While their prices are great they do take long sometimes if the item/items are not in stock. They don't change your CC until they ship most times. Their Customer Service is a real challenge at times if you can get a response to an email or speak to someone you are lucky.
  8. Thanks, I have been looking for this the last 2 days!
  9. Shot my S12 yesterday for the first time and I can say there were not any issues with the gun feeding etc. everything except the lowest 3.1/4 dram 7.1/2 bird shot I had laying around. Setting was on 1 all day. I did not have enough of the low powered shells to test any difference if setting 2 was used. I think though it would not have been a challenge based on how the jam occurred. So I can say 3 holes gas ports should not be a problem, for my S12 at least. My brother shot his without any issues and he used some old low powered birdshot. His S12 has 3 ports and he only used his 5 round mag, while I used a couple of 12 round Surefires.
  10. Have to say CSS does give Great Customer Service!
  11. Thanks, also wanted to mention that you have some great specialty products for the SAIGAs.
  12. Thank you, Sir. That's what I thought, just needed confirmation.
  13. Because a picture is worth a thousand words......... Thanks again.
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