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  1. I should have put in what was done to the Firearm.. Coverted Alum oxide blasted/parkerized/duracoated gunfixxer plug ka tappet tromix fcg tromix folder chaos quad tromix flash suppressor h&k sights CAA grips Awesome work done by Tac 47, they opened ports for me.
  2. Good Evening, I have not been able to get my Saiga to run right in the last year, I was wondering if there were any members near Delaware/Maryland that have experience with Saiga12 that might be willing to take a look at it. It will fire once, but not recock, load another shell. I've tried everything I know of. Please PM me if able to assist. Thanks Chris
  3. TAC 47 for quality work at a decent price. (That's who I dealt with and I can't say enough positive things about them)
  4. Loves Friday food days in the office

  5. Here's some pics if that helps....
  6. Gun cycled fine pre-conversion. I sent it out to a reputable vendor had it blasted/parked/duracoated, they assembled the firearm. I checked and both of the "legs" of the hammer look to be in the correct spot. I took the cover off and the bolt out after I got home, I didnt look at it right after it malfunctioned.
  7. you have good interests.

  8. Took the cover off, hammer spring looks to be in the correct place. Took Gunfixxer plug out and ran paperclip through ports, one seemed a lil clogged, (i could almost swear the gun has four ports, where before I could only see three) but firearm only has max 150 rounds through it. Its been restored (converted). Back to the drawing board
  9. Yeah the ports are fine... I thought adding KA tappet and gunfixxer plug would make it run better... doesn't seem to be the case...
  10. Bueller? Can someone at least give me a code word to search on to find the milion threads where this has been discussed previously?
  11. Come on bro, you know you have the most infamous LRBHO in the history of Saigas, just busting chops a lil. (man I hope this doesn't affect my place in line to buy one when they are available! )
  12. Firearm:Saiga 12 Upgrades that may affect firearm: Gunfixxer Plug, KA Tappet Ammo Tried: Remington Slugger, Remington 00buck, Remington 00 Buck LEO low recoil Ports:3 Mags tried: 2 diff AGP 10 rounders and stock 5 rounder Problem: Gun will not cycle, no matter which setting plug is on. I can shoot one round, the next round will load, but the firearm will not reset itself. I end up having to take the round out of the chamber re-cock and start again. Searching the forum using "cycling" and "cycling problem" bring up many threads, but none that seem to have the answer I am looking
  13. So let's take it from the top... I don't know if anyone else has ever suffered from this, but I am going through a deep, dark bout of "PCD". What is "PCD" you may ask? Well its a well documented illness that takes down 1 in 3 Saiga owners... its Post Conversion Depression. Weeks, months even are spent researching products, thinking of different combos to go with, saving money and then actually buying the parts. Next comes the long awaited, actual conversion process, making the perfect cuts, cussing that last damn rivet that just won't let go, finally getting the BHO back in after
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