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  1. I took my newly converted .308 Saiga out to the range the other day. WHOOOOOOE!!!! I know some won't believe this but I put up one of my internet printed targets (8.5x11) at 300yds. With Hirtenberger ball ammo and a 4x14 scope, prone supported I fired three shots...first shot hit at 10:00 two inches out from bull, 2nd hit at 9:00 two inches below #1, I pulled #3 down to five inches below #1. That Red Star Trigger is SWEET. A
  2. Fortunatly I had an extra butstock and pistol grip off some other AKs I had put M4 type stocks and grips on. A
  3. FYI... Per the guys at Red Star Arms I trimmed the top of the sear down some to clear the bolt carrier. OK that problem solved. The action is as smooth as an AK gets. Next problem, cutting the pistol grip nut hole. I downloaded Shrecks diagram with the measurements, sat down with the reciever and some callipers...just didn't look right. I finally put the trigger guard on, pushed the pistol grip up against it and noted where the pistol grip screw stuck up through the old trigger hole. I marked the location on the inside of the reciever and used that as the midpoint for the nut. A little dr
  4. As I had posted earlier, I found myself dremmeling away on my .308 Saiga while cursing voluminously on the parentage of the stock trigger. A very short time later I had amazingly removed the bottom plate without damaging anything. Old fcg out... hit the phone and everybody is backordered. I had hoped to get a Dinzag group but he couldn't really tell me when it would be available. I found a Red Star group and it was here in 2 days!!!!!!! After some false starts I got the group in and found that the bottom of the bolt carrier smacks the sear and refuses to come back without pushing down the
  5. Well, I took a chance and ordered a trigger group from Red Star Arms. Seems to fit ok except that the bolt carrier hits the sear and does not want to ride over it and the trigger. Any ideas? A]
  6. Ok, I went out to the range today and fired some pretty good groups with my Saiga. I was fighting that bloody trigger all the way though. When I got home I stripped the rifle again looking at the holes that were already cut in the reciever. Well...one thing led to another and before I knew it I had the dremmel out and was grinding away. So.. I got the bottom plate off without too much trouble in fact much easier than I thought. Somehow I didn't even mess up the trigger guard. The pistol grip nut hole has not been cut...yet. I'm looking to ordering the fire control group from Dinzag Ho
  7. Yeah, I have been through a lot of the instructions around, but again... all I have seen are based on the 7.62x39 or the .223. The differences with the .308 are probably to the good. I know you guys probably get tired of seeing the same ol questions so often. I'll keep looking. Thanks A
  8. I picked up a .308 Saiga recently. It's a 22in barrel model, came with wood stock..shoots real well. I've been looking at the conversion instructions that were used on a '39 and there are a few differences from my .308 that have me puzzled. My trigger is one piece without a separate axle to drill out. Looks like there is no hole precut for the pistol grip nut, there are two spot welds in the plate on the bottom next to the trigger. Has anyone put together a set of instructions for this model Saiga? I could start grinding and probably get it done but it would be better to have more info.
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