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  1. I was in the service and we were doing familiarization with the 12ga. It was alright. Didn't get into them seriously until my S12 about 7yrs ago.
  2. Here is a neat little feature the they don't even mention. There is a tiny slot in the back of the barrel/chamber so you can see if a round is chambered. I like the Taurus and Ruger versions better since they offer a tactile component. But I didn't even expect this so I'll take it. The first pic is empty, the second is of a chambered round.
  3. Ok, wth is Obama up to now. "No Meteor Zones"? Just another distraction to cover their asses.
  4. http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?/topic/93516-para-ordinance-1911-black-ops/?p=978822
  5. And my "Dynamic Duo" locked and loaded with 14/45 mags. Further review to come.
  6. Well, I did it. $1,100 later I got my Para. Unfortunately I wont get any range time till Wednesday. I'll post more pics as I get them, but here's one "new in the case".
  7. Before I bullpupped my AES10B, I was doing quarter to silver dollar sized groups at 100yrd with iron sights depending on ammo, from the table. Everything was straight and tight on her but I couldn't find a decent scope rail. No longer an issue with a full length top rail.
  8. Dude, I'm not sure you have that long, lol. Hey, there's still the shotgun. Or has he been working the S12 as well?
  9. To be unarmed is to be a target for every POS out there, gov included. I'd resist(as CT and others), I'd hide, I'd sell what's not needed, but if they chose to just take it? I've long believed that if I am made to do the time, the crime will be WELL worth it. And I wont go to jail for someone else's stupidity.
  10. We used to use live 40s out beyond 200yrds back in the mid 80s. I got pretty good at disintegrating those concrete Ruskies at 300yrds, lol. The orange chalk was for closer range. But that was what..30 years ago?
  11. Agreed Arik, but my thought is how much could still be used for training. Admittedly, some of the "big" stuff may not be safe to fire anymore. If we worry about a pipe jam in our small arms, what could it do to a tank or naval guns?
  12. Ok, here's my highlights of the shoot. I averaged 2rnds per target on the shotgun stage but bypassed on off in the woods completely so lost points. I ran the pistol stage immediately after the shotgun and did terrible. Still shaky from the shooty run and didn't have my secondary prepped, etc. The rifle stage was interesting. You had to adjust for drift, bob and an upwards elevation of maybe 30°. I dropped 2 out of 5 targets with 15rnds. Which I think was about average. Several hit 4 of the 5 and several hit none at all. Iirc, no one dropped all 5. We had almost 30 shooters running various weapons/platforms with some fun open shooting later in the day. At least one FA and a high powered rifle got some range time during the open range. Weather was great and everyone had a good time. Esp one 10yr(?) boy who out shot his dad on the pistol course with Dad's .45, lol.
  13. Here's the shoot stages for this weekends Zombie Shoot at Knob Creek. http://zombieshoot.homestead.com/ZK-Shoot-Stages.html
  14. Now that's just pretty. Nice job.
  15. I lived in AZ amongst Mormans(even some of them admit they're the ones the church didn't want, lol) and most are good people. However I have met alot of people like Bundy that have NO use for government on any level if it doesn't bend to their purposes. Corruption is rampant within small town politics to the point of "business as usual". That said, I've worked for both the USFS and BLM back in the 80s. Iirc, for every 40 acres you owned, you could get a 99yr lease on 1K acres for little of nothing. The USFS/BLM maintained roads, etc with money from the leases, parks, grants. As the cost of doing so went up, so too did required fees across the board. Unfortunately, for some, esp the smaller ranches, it hit a tipping point where the only way to pay the leases was to run more cattle while the gov cut back the allowance for various reasons. A Catch 22 that drove many small ranchers out of business. In actuality, cattle do damage the land. Esp in arid regions as well as more lush areas. Cattle travel on trails. Where the "Monsoons" hit these trails become trenches then ravines and eventually washes(washed out areas where little to no accessible grass grows) thus reducing overall grasslands. Yes this occurs with other wild species as well but we're looking at years as opposed to decades/centuries. Also look to the wolf impact on Yellowstone rivers, cattle have a similar effect as do undettered elk in Yellowstone. I'm not against ranching, industry, etc., but I am for conservation in general. There are always better ways of doing things and let's face, man will do what's profitable moreso than what's right. That's where unregulated Capitalism fails. Unfortunately over regulation fails as well.
  16. Question.... You choose not to immunize yourself and family. Your family gets sick with whatever but makes it through with little more stress than a severe bout of flu. However you(and yours) are now carriers of this strain of whatever. A couple months later, your kids go to a classmates birthday party where the classmates new little brother(unimmunized, too young) inadvertently picks up your strain of illness and (worse case) dies. Who is responsible? Should you inform others of your condition? Or is it the parents fault for not being more careful? How would you feel if the situation were reversed? Just some thoughts. And while I'm sure someone will say "It can't happen." I'm sure that's what was said about various illnesses throughout history. PS- I think I saw this on Law and Order or some such, lol. So yes, highly hypothetical.
  17. Bullpup it. With those tangs cut off you save an inch or so. My 45" S12 is now a 31" BS12 with a full 18+" barrel. Just saying, it's an option.
  18. I have a Condor Solo Sling pack for "Get Home" in my truck that will fit an 18" barreled H&R Single shot 12ga(broke in two) in the main compartment with my 3day kit in the rest and still have room for a couple water bottles. Eventually would like to carry an AK pistol. I'll try to avoid leaving anything high dollar in my truck, even locked.
  19. Likely a handgun for my daughter. She's graduateing from the Police Academy this spring. Then I've gotten turned onto the Para 1911 Black Ops 14/45 and it'll only be maybe 3-4 paychecks from the new part time job, lol. I always pick up ammo in small batches and the occasional accesory.
  20. K.o.t.H, it is an easy strip. No other disassembly required. Someone asked for video. Here's todays. I was shooting low brass steel shot mixed with a few high brass slugs. Can you tell the difference, lol? Firing Bullpupped S12.wmv
  21. The XDs are nice. Everyone I talk to love them. Good trade imo. I qual'd expert with every 45cal 1911 they issued me in the service but went 9mm off post. Meh, traded it and some cash for a car to go home and get married. Shoulda kept the gun, lol. Been running a S&W 357 L-frame until about 5yrs ago when I picked up my Taurus PT145 MilPro. Love the double 10rnd mags. But recently fell for a Para 1911 Blk Ops with the 14/45 mags(that fit my Taurus). 9s are alright, but its hard not to love the first handgun caliber you were issued, lol.
  22. I just started a new part time job at a local chain store(the Rural Walmart so to speak) selling firearms. Well I haven't been particularly impressed by anything we have in stock. All very nice and pretty but not enough to "pull the trigger", lol. Then I found this in 14/45... http://para-usa.com/2013/firearms/tactical/blackOps1911.php I knew Para Ordinance sounded familiar. Turns out their 14rnd mags fit in my Taurus PT145 MilPro. So now I'm thinking this would be a great compliment to my Taurus(my CCW) as a primary sidearm for SHtF and our Scenario 3gun competitions. If by chance the Para goes down, the Taurus could back up and use the same mags. Then there's the lifetime warranty as well. I would hope so for the price tag. The nice thing is, we're under MSRP and have Layaway, 10% down and 90 days. Admittedly, it's 3 maybe 4 pay checks but it's"extra" money anyway. So I keep telling myself, lol. Thoughts, experiences?
  23. I got enough FA in the Army. Now that I have to pay for it myself, I've little use for it. But given the rise in domestic drone usage, it may not be a bad option to have available.
  24. Zero tolerance isn't just a school thing. Big Corps have it too. Which I think is why it is getting through into the schools. Parents are forced to deal with it at work and thus let it slide in the schools. ZT is easier to administrate than case by case and big money CEOs/Admins are lazy and don't want to have to deal with it. By my Jr. year I had become the Peacekeeper in my school. NO FIGHTING ON MY(schools) GROUND. Take off campus and I'll come watch, but not on campus. The teachers and admin even let me jostle a few kids around and called me when a fight broke out in the hallways. But I'd been both the bully and the victim, and knew the kids and could spot the problems quicker than the teachers. I guess going MP after graduation was a given, lol. I always told my daughter to never start a fight but to always end it. She got jumped and put the instigator on the ground and the school wanted to suspend her and expected me to discipline her. I told them fine, she'll get 3days off and I'll throw her a party for doing whats right by our Faith(we were both very openly Heathen at the time). She stayed in school and never another word about it. The instigator got suspension, as it should have been.
  25. Thanks all. They're already fixing it. $3000 instead of the $3500 with a couple weeks down time. Downsides, she now owes $8000 on a $4-5000 04 Dodge Durango that seems to be known for blown rod issues. Hopefully it won't happen again but it seems that that is still a possibility according to some reveiws. Thinking she might wanna "trade down" rather than run the risk of another $3k repair bill. I would have prefered if the dealer had gone halves with her on it but it's her lesson to be learned. I'll help her as I can, but I raised her to make her own choices and deal/live with the results. Again thanks for the input. And Maxwelhse, thanks for the offer.
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