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  1. This thing has functioned flawlessly I guess those marks have been there for quite sometime I just never really noticed them till a few days ago.
  2. Ill check out the op rod I never gave it much thought if it was loose .Thanks
  3. No everything seems smooth it doesent jam of any sorts .
  4. Ive owned my S-12 since 2009 and its had about 700 rounds through it since new . What causes those wear marks and does anyone else have them? I was wondering if the recoil spring guide is sloppy causing the charging handle to float around ...I dont know. Its always shot fine but the wear seems kind of excessive .
  5. Yeah kinda wanted it too be light and sturdy with some looks to it I dont want alot of weight on the S12. I wliked the idea of the Chaos full rail with HK sights but the whole weight issues comes into effect
  6. I was wondering if this is a Leapers UTG MNT-HGSG12 knock off .Its for sale on Ebay with 71 sold but just wondering if anyone has one and what the quality is like I emailed the seller over 5 days ago and still no answer. Heres a pic of the one on Ebay it looks just like the UTG.
  7. All lefties should be drowned at birth. hahahaha
  8. I was talking about the bolt hold open how it contacts the trigger finger lol ,my safety is fine
  9. Well I just swapped out trigger guards for the CSS and it sweet . INow does anyone with this set up notice your firing finger rubbing against the BHO never had my finger touching the BHO before with SAW grip.
  10. Selling my S12 trigger guard with all the hardware and SAW grip to fund another project . Its in great condition I bought it from Ray at Saigatech a few years ago I opted for the steel version for better rigidity its painted in BBQ black paint . The safety stop catch is angled perfectly so the saftey lever sits where it should when in fire position. Also the front button head screw does not require a washer and is the correct length to not protrude into the finger area, only the rear screws require washers as seen in photos for anyone curious to know why theres no washer on the front s
  11. I screwed the plug all the way in then backed it out till #1 was in the notch. Not sure how many turns out 1 should be I just turned it till it clicked the first time.
  12. actually haven't shot this thing since 2010 but the times I did I didn't know if those 3 inch magnums did damage and having the wrong gas setting I just now took it out last week
  13. I bought this S12 back in 2009 . Shot 3" Winchester mags through it before I even knew what the gas adjustment setting was for and numerous Wal Mart loads just wondering if whatever setting it was on caused to much gas in the system and slammed that charging handle into the rear trunnion.. You guys think it looks ok or is it pretty common looking. I notice a little mushrooming on the tang that hits the trigger. Thanks
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