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  1. Looking for a nice useable recoil spring if anyone has one laying around for a S-12 .My springs had some corrosion on them so I had to junk them .


    Those springs can fit into a regular sized letter envelope I believe for shipping which is ok with me.

    My zip code is 97138






  2. I've shot a couple thousand rounds of Walmart bulkpack through mine and use Break Free powder blaster and the Break Free lube after ever shooting and mine doesn't have any rust.


    Not sure what teh problem is but whatever it is you're doing it wrong brosephus.



    Its nothing i did wrong, I bought this saiga brand new in the box and everytime i get done shootin it i give it a thorough cleaning ,i dont have the slightest idea how that corrosion even got there my two ak-47s are perfect and they are over 11 years old with no rust or corrosion.

  3. I clean my guns with breakfree everytime ,i have been noticing this corrosion on my recoil spring and in the chamber where the spring goes into. I shoot that wal mart ammo .It looks like some sort of electrlosis or something between the spring and charging handle. You guys maybe know whats causing this?




    It might be hard see but down at the end of the tunnel there is the corrosion.




    Notice the rusty corroded looking color on the spring,its only on that part of the spring the rest of the spring is fine.


  4. I can load a full10 roundl mag with no problems with the bolt closed.


    Golly, you must be a big boy. I bet you go to the bathroom all by yourself to.


    Sorry, couldn't help myself. Won't happen again.



    chill out, take it easy,its going to be ok lol,the chrome looks good ,im just saying that it dosent take a rocket scientist to load the saiga with the bolt closed a monkey could do it. unless your old and weak "whoops"

  5. the initial setting, is the first #1 setting that you back the "gas blind plug" out to from the flush, fully-seated position. when you go to gas setting #2, you UNSCREW it half a turn, regardless of if it will work by seating it half a turn more to get to #2. When going BACK to #1, you turn it 1/2 a turn into the gas block , etc.


    there is a small amount of play in this, but when you get your blind plug set correct at #2, setting to #1 is ALWAYS threaded in, and #2 is always threaded back out.


    Some guns, you will have a near seat on #1 or #2 setting, and this is not your initial setting. wherever it seats at, you back out to #1, and that is the initial setting you want.


    Im repeating myself here. Sorry, cant explain it without showing you, without saying it 2 or 3 times or some shit :)


    All the way in, BACK it out to the first #1, then back out still to #2. screw in 1/2 turn to go back to #1.


    if you suddenly have gas issues, unscrew ONE complete turn and use that setting. The beauty of this gun is its not an exact science.


    You should have a <1mm gap between the gas block and lip of the gas blind plug when you have it at the proper depth, however your gun EXACTLY works out.



    Just dont go unscrewing it 3 revolutions or anything, and you will be OK.


    This is the damn digital age, I should just take a damn video of it for the new users and get it over with.

    Here is a few pictures of what Im dealing with here


    The first picture here is of the gas plug screwed in all the way ,notice how # 1 is not in the little dentent



    Here is a side view of the same picture



    Here is picture of my first turn of the gas plug set on number 2



    Here is another picture of the # 2 setting with the gap



    Here is a picture of the setting on #1 ,to me i think this is where it should be,but not sure



    And here is the final sideshot of the #1 setting and the gap,




    From the picture I posted do you guys think this is the proper setting for number 1,I counted one turn from the gas plug from flush

  6. I unscrewed my gas plug all the way out to clean inside the port and now,I totally forgot if i have to screw it all the way back in and then back it off to number 2 .As far as i know it was set at number 2 from the factory.I do know that when you go to screw it back in that the little detent pin will catch on number 2 like three times before it bottoms out all the way to the gas block thing.As for when it suppose to stop on 2 i dont know.


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