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  1. Thanks, looking forward to picking it up.
  2. I'm drawing a blank with your suggestion on adding a 3rd notch. I take the cheek rest is movable? I guess it will make more since once I get my hands on it.
  3. That is A nice knife. What's the RC of the damacus blade rated at?
  4. Thanks for additional info GunFun. I purchased a new vepr 12 folder on gunbroker today. If I'm not a fan of the folder I'll buy a fixed stock.
  5. It's been along time since I've posted on the forum....years.......many vendors/builders are no longer active or have been inactive for sometime. Anyway onto the subject I'm looking to buy a vepr 12, and trying to decide which one I want to buy being a folder, fixed, slant or straight cut reciever. Are the folders still being imported? I can find a few online but that's it. It's seems everyone is selling the fixed stock version/ angled cut reciever? I would prefer a straight cut reciever, the cut the tang off and install an aftermarket stock. Now if I buy the factory fixed folder are they
  6. thanks, I sold my Mka months ago. I may have to buy another.
  7. whats the differance between your version and the tromix version?
  8. TAc 47 are you requesting full payment upfront for the preorder?
  9. I suppose your not talking about those who are already on the previous list for akdal conversions?
  10. what caliber is this for, 9mm? What is the rate or fire? why are you selling?
  11. To bad you cant use it if you converted.
  12. Its a DSA Fal, and they are nice if you have the money.
  13. you can send nate a message his user ID is "Gunfixr".
  14. Nate made one and installed it and it works 100%. I'm very happy with the mod.
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