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  1. Elvis!! You come through my neck of the woods and don't stop by to pop off a few rounds?
  2. Yep, 556 classic swat to be exact, but any in the 550 series would be the same I believe, I too have nothing else at this time.
  3. Not uzi. It is not a pistol caliber
  4. MP5 no, High Point no. Country of origin would for sure give it away. So how about this: It has a folding adjustable stock.
  5. Dunno if nobody has any idea, or nobody finds it interesting. I guess if no answer by tonight I will give the answer.
  6. The safety rotates, but the throw is only 45 degrees. Not a nail gun Not a Remington 597
  7. If no guesses soon I will try to make a hint that doesn't totally give it away
  8. Ok I'll give it a go. What is it, be specific.
  9. Wth, the day I find the thread, everyone quits playing?
  10. mav

    Anyone running a Burris XTR-14?

    I have a fullfield tac30, which I believe is similar, and could not br happier with it.,
  11. I will be at home, god help anyone that falls in a mud hole then shambles up my driveway.
  12. Dunno about the gun color, but you definitely need a white Storm Trooper suit complete with helmet.
  13. Which generation is it? Is it the gen 7 that will cowitness?
  14. I have been in this situation and decided to report it, I was not retaliated against, but I was told in nicer terms, to fuck off. This is a judgement call only you can make, but IMHO, the downside for you outweighs any possible upside. It saddens me to even type that, but it is a fact of life with the system we have to live with. There are some fine upstanding LEO's, GeorgiaPD who commented here, is one of the finest gentlemen I have ever had any dealings with, but unless you know the superior officer you would be dealing with is a man of like quality, the sad truth is, you have no way of knowing if there will be retaliatory actions against you.