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  1. After a long awaited delivery from the Russians on internals for the 308 mags, we are still waiting on them. So, we decided fuck em. FBMG is having the new internals cut into a mold right now and they should have the first batch out to us in 10 weeks. This will make them 100% American made. Stick that in your parts count ATF!!!!


    To commemorate this wonderous occasion we are doing them 3 for $100 shipped to your door. You can buy as many of them as you like (dealers do get dealer pricing). There are 2000 scheduled in the first run. Once the first 2000 are gone they go to individual sales and $35 each.


    The followers have been trimmed down a bit to reduce drag, and the spring is a thicker material than before for more pressure. There is no doubt that these will be the best 308 mags on the market. We were the first, have had the least issues with reliability and WILL be the best.


    There were some initial issues with our first pre-order, No doubt about it. We now have a new accountant (Larry is long gone), we have a new sales system to track the orders and we have a new GM. He or myself take total and complete responsibility for everything that goes on here, so if you had a bad experience before and decide to give us another chance you know who to call with questions or concerns.


    To place an order, please just call the store and a salesman will take your order. We anticipate the mag parts to be delivered the first of July, give us a week or ten days for assembly and we will ship them out.


    Thanks for everyones support over the years, and look for another product to be announced soon!






    This is some good shit, Can we pre order, I would like to get 2-3 packs, let me know what I need to do.?



  2. post-15697-1236361317.jpg

    The word "sniper" means various of things to alot of different people.


    * With a delta force sniper, a .50 caliber shot half way across across a country may define peoples idea of a sniper

    * To a varmiter, an eyeball shot to a groundhog at 700 yards defines a sniper

    * To a hunter, a perfect shot on a running ram across a rugged canyon would indicate sniper-like skill

    * To the marine scout sniper, being able to move in and out of position unnoticed, survive for extended periods without support collecting intel, and administering accurate fire undetected is sniper skill

    * To a police sharpshooter, Putting that bad guy down with a ultra-precise shot at less than 200 yards will get you called a sniper

    * The guys who were originally called snipers, they made precise shots at little birds (snipes) from short distances

    * To troops and civilians on the ground in conflicts all over the world, anyone making precise shots from a concealed position, whether it be from a window accross the street or out of a storm drain at passing vehicles, is a sniper.


    As for the saiga 500 yd shot, The 308 is your best option. And if you are hellbent on doing it with a military-grade semi-auto rifle, the Saiga is also you cheapest option. If you are not Hellbent on a mag fed semi-auto, the Savage option is good advise.


    I am currently building and testing a 308 Saiga and trying to get some accurate distance shots. With $1,200 optics, a re-crown, benchrest, meaured distance, known wind speed, direction, tempurature, and humidity, magazine out single shot, and match ammo - I can currently get about a 10" 5-shot group at 500 yards (best) and 1" at 100yds. I am currently changing optics, mount, and going to test different loads and will post results in a couple of weeks.


    Please be minful that this is the internet and people greatly exagerate both extremes of every topic. People who say its imposible to hit with a saiga at 500yds are wrong, they assume this because they can not do it. But also, the guy in this thread who says he gets 1 MOA at 500 yards with iron sights only is really full of it, because he is a mall ninja.



    Very good post!






    This is one of the best descriptions that I've read. Well done!



    I have been wondering for a long time what all the talk is about that sniping thing, I have read the treads and rationalized the meaning until I FINALLY FOUND OUT WHAT IT IS ALL ABOUT


    See Attached


    I just dont understand what all the hype is a about a little bird.

  3. Great!!!! I have been trying to make a mag for them for a while and was to scared to try and mod a $40 mag. I was scared I would mess it up. I would be interested in purchasing a few from you if you would be willing to sell a few. If not thats cool I will try to mod one the same.


    Once I come up with an easier way to attach the lock in end, I may try to product more. Right now it is primative but works. I am trying to figure out a way to attach the lock in end without having to drill through the mag and pop rivet and epoxy for a smooth feed. I will keep all updated.

  4. For those M-100 owners,


    After working on and off for about 2 weeks in my spare time I believe I have successfully converted a Saiga 8 Round Mag to fit and 308 M100. I have taken this to the range and shoot 60 rounds without incident.


    Since the shape of the mags are the same, there was no conversion for the shape. The challange was to reverse the 8 round mag to work properly in the propriatary arrangement that was provided with the M-100 model. RAAC has stated that there will be replacement mags but factory 3 rounds only, so I decided to work on this project myself. Total project time not including 12 hour epoxy drying time. 1.5 hours.


    I have attached some photos of the mag, so if anybody is interested in doing this they can use the photos as a guide. I modified the clip side using a piece of stock aluminum and pop riveted it to the plastic mag. I then covered in marine epoxy. As you can see my dremel came in handy as I had to hack saw and dremel the both the retainer and the clip. I also used marine apoxy to cover the inside of the mag for a smooth operation.


    After some grinding and sanding on the inside of the mag the mag feeder worked perfectly. I used a pair of vise grips to flatten the poprivet inside the mag then coated the inside with epoxy for a smooth stroke.


    Next will be the conversion of the 20 round surefire saiga to the fit the 308 M-100.




  5. This is some good shit, I thought we were buying all the guns in this country to get ready for the war between the people and the government, Is that not what a Socialist environment is all about. I dont know about the rest of you but my concentration is to semi-auto imports only. Before its all over, there will be no imports. The Izhmash factory is already looking into producing Saiga weapons in the US as Arsenal has. It is my understanding that the left wing assholes in Washington have been lifting all of the AR bans as well as import bans, without public knowledge. Call BATF and ask some questions, they will answer your questions. All this means is that when the semi auto weapon hammer hits the perverbial pavement, an all out ban of semi-auto weapons will be coming down the pike. This shit is all over the international news. Now in the fucking US. Obama has threatened the US New Media to not report this shit in the US. Sounds a bit larger than Socialist Government, lets starting looking into the direction of (Communist Republic of United States). This shit is getting really rediculous. This is the first time in the history of this country that the new media has been supressed by the government from broadcasting the truth. Sound Communist to you? I dont know about all of you but in 4 years I am voting for Arnold Schawarzinager for President. Hell you dont even have to be born in this country any more to be the president.


    The revolt is coming, buy your weapons, stock pile your ammo, Your going to need it if this country keeps on going the direction it is going.

  6. I have been reading and keeping up with this thread. The question I got is about modifying a mag to fit the 308 model 100. Has anybody tried this with any success?

    I was comparing a saiga 308 5 round mag with the propriatary mag for the 308 - 100 and it seems that a little dremeling and grinding could make this mag conversion work. Has anybody tried to modify another mag to fit the 308-model 100?

  7. You might try getting mags from RusMil here although it won't be cheap if they can help:




    Good luck.


    Thanks Wolverine,

    They dont have in stock so I sent an email. Theres has got to be someone in the US that has got these mags.

    Check www.saigastock.com

    Probably your best bet for those. Even if they do not have them on their site, give them a call and they may have some.



    Thanks Greg, I called them today, they dont have them and they dont know when they will have them. thanks to our new president everything is in short supply.

  8. Hi all,


    Thought it would be good idea to purchase a model 100 308 with the slant reciever. To my dismay the only mag that comes with it is a 4 rounder. None of my other .308 mags fit this rifle since the mag loads opposite of the rest of the Saiga line. What up with this? Can't find mags anywhere. I email RAA and they said that because it is a newer style and there is not alot in the U.S, nobody has been making replacements and theres nothing coming over from Izhmash. Any ideas here. Is there any way to modify or find other AK mags that might be close. I might as well have a single bolt action. I have attached a photo of the Model 100.




  9. version 21 is a newer version of the saiga line. It is not the same reciever as the vepr. Izhmash bought out Molot a couple of years ago and now product a vepr look alike. I beleive the vepr has not been imported for about 2-3 years or more. That is because Izhmash bought out the Molot factory and took 2 years to retool. the RPK heavy duty reciever on the vepr is a thing of the past unless you buy an original vepr. Siaga does not manufacturer the RPK receiver. the version 21 in built on a slant reciever that only the Model 100 has and yes the vepr aftermarket stock will fit on the model 100 or version 21 only. All other models of Saiga have the straight receiver. Unfortunately for owner of the 308 model 100 which is also a newer version Saiga designed a different mag that no one sells, it only ha a 4 round clip and attaches oposite the other clips and cannot be interchange. Saiga did not import many 308 model 100s and therefore did not have a demand for mags. The version 21 takes the normal saiga 308 mags, the model 100 does not. Does anybody no of any other mags that will fit the model 100?

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