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  1. Ok, don't mean to start a big debate in the middle of a recomendation thread, but this hollywood "knock down" myth has to die. From the FBI Academy Firearms Training Unit http://www.firearmstactical.com/pdf/fbi-hwfe.pdf No duh. If you'll look up a couple of posts you notice I said I don't believe in the one shot stop. But one does have to admit that a slow(er) heavy bullet with a big cross section is gonna dump a nice wad of energy on impact. Doesn't matter what the goblin's wearing, he's gonna feel it. And while he's wondering what hit him, I'll be headed for the shotgun/rifle that'll put his ass on the ground. Oh yeah, Jon (if you're still here), what did you end up with?
  2. The 1911 was designed to be carried "cocked and locked." IE: Hammer back, round in the chamber, safety on. My Kimber II has been in my dresser drawer like this since I bought it. I changed out the main spring housing a few months ago because I didn't like the plastic one Kimber put in mine, but the spring is the original. Bad advice. That's how holes end up in walls, TVs, and people. And the last time I checked, "It slipped" isn't all that great of a defense in court. If you want to carry/store/etc a gun hammer down on a loaded chamber, get something with a de-cocker. Otherwise, leave it empty chambered, or "cocked and locked". <exit Saint JMB soapbox, stage right>
  3. Nifty flame thrower. "If you can't kill 'em with the bullets, set 'em on fire with the muzzle blast" It's as true of snubby magnum revolvers as it is of short barrelled 308 rifles.
  4. Every thing I've ever seen says that the standard short/long action split is between 308(7.62x51) and 30'06 (7.62x63). The standard short action can be used for most anything based on the 308 case and smaller, down to rounds based on the 222 with minimal-to-no modification. The long action will handle all of this, plus rounds about the size (OAL) of the 30'06. The magnum actions (I just learned this) are typically based on the 375 H&H cartridge overall length (OAL). There's nothing stopping you from building a 222 varmint rifle off of a magnum action, except the weight and ginormous bolt throw.
  5. Same as the above. IIRC there are 3 basic action lengths: 1: Short action, ~308Win length and smaller 2: Long action, Longer than 308Win, ~30-06 Springfield length 3: Magnum. If they made bolt action elephant guns, they'd go here. Now, there are of course exceptions. The Savage "short" action is about as long as most everybody else's long action (and the savage long action has no problem with magnums). To answer your question: 7WSM is a short action round.
  6. Hmm... I'd always heard: "Acute Cranial Lead Poisoning". But yeah. Rabbid raccoons are no fun. Took out 3 on a friends property: Two with an AR (~50-75 yards), and one more with a 1911 (too damn close while cleaning up). Never been charged by an animal before, so I was glad JMB's gift to mankind was sitting on my hip (the AR was, uselessly, slung over the shoulder). Somehow I emptied 15 rounds into the little bugger, and I don't remember dropping the first 8 round magazine. Now days I won't walk around his property without some sort of high velocity animal aeration device in my hand or on my hip.
  7. March of Cambreadth - Heather Alexander. You've got to love a song that repeats the line: "How many of them can we make die?!"
  8. Slightly modified Navy version Missing points mean I agree with them. 1. Bring a gun. Bring a bunch of big guns. Bring a whole carrier air wing worth of over-caffinated half psycotic flyboys with guns. 6. If you can choose what to bring to a gun fight, shove a precision guided munition up their ass from 200 miles away. 7. In 50 years, a bunch of nuts will sit around a table talking about how you blasted the crap out of Yamamoto's Navy with your big 16"s. 8. If you are shooting, somebody two decks down is coordinating the second strike with another carrier group. 9. Accuracy is relative. "Within 50 feet" is close enough when you're talking 2000Lbs of high explosives. 10. Use a gun that some yard-ape jury-rigged 10 years ago. Somehow, despite common sense and the laws of physics, it will work. 11. Nobody will ever kill you with your own gun. The Marines and a Chief (who's probably scolded Jesus 2000 years ago for his haircut) with a spoon and a cup of coffee will protect the ship 12. Always cheat, always win, always shell the bejesus out of a target just outside of return fire range. 13. Have a plan 14. Have a backup plan because air-intel will tell you the bad guys are coming from the opposite direction. 15. Paint your ship grey. Nobody will be able to see it on that big blue ocean. 16. Cross the T, shell the bejesus out of your adversaries fleet. 18. Launch a Hawkeye and threat scan 360 degrees for 50 miles in all directions. 19. Keep your ECM trained on their fleet. Radar systems kill. 20. Sink their fleet from 200 miles away. Enjoy a latte and a duty free cigar. 22. Be polite, be professional, have enough armorment to level a continent. 24. Do not attend a gun fight with a gun, the caliber of which is less than 5 inches. Yeah, I'm a Navy brat
  9. Too bad. Every one of those weapons should be in private hands (assuming it is the ATFU's collection)
  10. In theory yes, but the S12 is pretty damn reliable. Ask BVamp about some of the crap he fed his Saiga and how the pumps were choking on it. And like I said, if you carbon up your gas tube enough to impead functionality: (1) You have other problems (2) You still have a charging handle to pull on
  11. Well.. you could always take the gas plug out and yank the charging handle after each shot.... 3" magnums might short stroke the system just from the recoil, but normal 2 3/4 shells oughta act just like an oddly configured pump.
  12. Didn't Uncle Mike's House of ThumpaThumpaThumpa buyout/reposess/sue-out-of-existance the Molot (makers of the Veper) plant? Pretty sure I read that somewhere...
  13. Rusty

    Bullpup S12?

    Why does anybody think this is a good idea? You're already less than ideal trigger is now remote controlled, the weight balance is all wrong, and your supporting a big booming 12ga with a pair of thin plastic clam shells. But what ever floats your boat man.
  14. Fear my 32+ MPG (highway) V6 powered Buick LandBoat. Gearing makes all the difference
  15. In my experience, popping primers tends to be an ammo problem (you said Federal ran fine) unless there is something seriously wrong with the weapon.
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