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  1. You are already showing sines of saiga fever and soon only a full conversion will do You can use that stock and PG later if you are thinking of converting .
  2. I agree it wont be to long after you get that stock before you are trying to sell it to get the cash for parts to convert .
  3. Their was someone on hear that said thy had 1000 rounds through there JB job .
  4. I JB welded the screw in instead of locktite it's never coming out .
  5. A brand new s&w m&p for 350.00 ? I would snatch that up in any caliber .
  6. Also make sure the place you are ordering from has the parts in stock . I had to call on some of my stuff after waiting 2 or 3 weeks to fined out it was on back order .
  7. Dinzag through some in with my bullet guide for free .
  8. Went back and ordered 2 of the factory Glock 22 mags and found out thy were having a special this weekend on shipping 5.99 on all internet orders and a free mag pouch on mag orders over 1 mag . They do say that they have to be hi cap mags to get the mag pouch I imagine that means over 10 rounds .
  9. I found them at CDNN they are the 15 rounders for 10.00 I think the 30 rounders were 16.00 or 17.00 bucks . The Glock factory 15 rounders were 20.00 I might go this rout as they are for my carry weapon .
  10. I was looking around for Glock 22 mags and came across some that said Asian military for 10.00 . Anyone ever hear of them ?
  11. No the G2 will not fit but I have heard of some people polishing the stock trigger components to make for a smoother trigger pull .
  12. I should have said the bolt carrier will stay black .
  13. I have the tapco nut and did have to file a 1/8 inch or so of the bottom to get it to fit my caa grip . It only takes 5 or 10 minutes with a good file . Never tried the k-var nut .
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