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  1. I have a saiga .308 im trying to trade for a ar style .308 would you be interested. I can throw some cash down also?
  2. Has a very nice saiga .308 for sale

  3. I have a 22" barrrell. But its very nice. Its got 16 power scope vented, cut and railed forearm and its got less then 50 rounds through it.
  4. The deer i will be hunting average about 120 for a doe and about 150 for a buck. I just need a good bullet that doesnt have alot of drop and still has enough knock down power to take a deer down at 300 to 350 if needed.
  5. I was wondering what would be the best grain bullet to use for deer hunting? I will be shooting from about 100 to 350yds. Does anyone have a bullet trajectory chart for the differnt bullets? I would also like to know what would be the best brand to go with? any sugestions or info you would like to share would be great
  6. I am new to the forum and the gun. I just recently bought one but dont really want to go cutting on it. I was wondering if anyone could do it for me for a decent price?
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