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  1. From what I have seen Arsenal along with Izhevsk makes the finest AK in the world. Arsenals and Izhevsk quality are top notch and I havent seen better quality anywhere in AK, that Norinco polytech legend are worse quality and are way overhyped! Yes, I'm familiar with what they are and where they come from. I'm also familiar with Arsenal's marketing department and how they do things.
  2. Who sells the longest magazine extension for Benelli Nova, anyone have +5 shell magazine extenders or more? I have a 24 in barrel on mine,I bougt it way back in 2002 for hunting. How do I remove that stupid hunting limiter when I am not hunting of corse?
  3. Who currently sells Saiga .308 for the best price?
  5. so will this add on gas piston definately improve the relability of the Saiga 12? How much does it cost?
  6. About how much does it cost to get a Saiga 12 stock and pistol grip conversion and do I look for competent gunsmiths in my area or do I send them out of state to some specialized company that does Saiga conversions?
  7. They are out of stock now,when will they be back in stock at CSS and are they available anywhere else?
  8. Will these 3 1/2 18 pellet 00 buckshot Mag work well in a Benelli Nova Pump as I have that as well? Anyone sell magazine extensions fot Benelli Nova pump sport shotguns with a 3rd mag to something like 8 round?
  9. Arsenal made AK-140US brake are nice for a 7.62 39 http://www.k-var.com/shop/product.php?prod...=286&page=1 but I whould like an Arsenal brake thats chromed on the inside and for 7.62 39 like the AK-141US http://www.k-var.com/shop/product.php?prod...=286&page=1 but I am not sure that this brake is not for 7.62 39 as it dosent say it cant be used 7.62 39???
  10. Are there anyones the same quality as the arsenal ones except cheaper? no
  11. Are Russian made AK 74 type breaks/AK 103 brakes for 7.62*39 caliber available for sale anywhere?
  12. What model Arsenal brakes are specifically factory installed on some SGL 20??? oh right I didnt click on the item itself. Are Russian made AK 74 type breaks/AK 103 brakes for 7.62*39 caliber available for sale anywhere?
  13. Who sells ARSENAL SLR-107CR for the cheapest price? Are these kind of muzzlebreaks on SLR-107CR as effective as AK 74 type brake? Does anyone have any experience with these?
  14. Will 12 gauge 3 1/2 inch magnum 00 buckshot with 18 buckshot pellets per shell work well in a Saiga 12 and what gas setting should be used?
  15. Will this brake from K Var work AK-141B COMPENSATOR Bulgarian AK-74 ~ with 24mmx1.5 Threads $52.49 ? I believe they are Threaded 24x1. Some have the arsenal brake and some don't. Its not a big deal you can pick them up at K-Var for cheap-ish....
  16. Will a Russian AK 74 muzzlebreak fit on a 7.62 39 caliber rifle and does anyone sell Russian made AK 74 and AK 103 muzzle breaks and is there a difference between AK 74 and AK 103 brake?
  17. The SGL 20 that dont come with muzzlebreak will a Russian made AK 74 muzzle break fit?
  18. Also interested in buying an SGL 10
  19. t90

    SGL 10

    Who has Saiga / Arsenal SGL 10 in stock for the cheapest price?
  20. t90


    If my Saiga dosent have a PG hole if I send it to be converted wont they cut the PG hole or do I have to do it myself anyways? How much harder is it to find a Saiga 7.62*39 with dimples? He's saying the opposite. Dimpled Saigas normally do not have the PG hole already cut. There was thread where numerous people (including myself) verified this by checking their own Saigas. Non-dimpled Saigas normally do have the PG hole already cut. So if you're going to be buying a Saiga, and don't want to cut your own PG hole, then get a non-dimpled one. (I think I read some about some
  21. Want to buy or trade Izhevsk / Arsenal SGL 20 and SGL 10 also whould like to do FTF transaction in PA. Also want to buy a Saiga 7.62*39 with dimples !
  22. t90

    Saiga 7.62*39

    Who has Izhevsk / Arsenal SGL 20 in stock and who has them for the cheapest price? I am also willing to buy this FTF in PA
  23. Who has Saiga in 7.62*39 in stock for the cheapest price?
  24. WTB Saiga Stock for a non converted Saiga 12 , I am most interested in a folding stock like one pictured !
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