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  1. dyi

    Rusmilitary LRBHO

    I know there are some domestic LRBHO's being (or to be) released but I was wondering if anyone knows the back story on these: Are they standard on the 12-030?
  2. I'm hitting refresh at max on your products page
  3. Got #3 on the way. Those a$$holes will probably charge shipping or somehow F up the order. They always do.
  4. dyi

    Who's your daddy?

    Its very safe, I measured the lugs on a regular AKM (7.62). The Saiga ones are taller from the start. Oh by the way, the left lug does nothing anyway on 223 and 762. The active left lug is the upper one, not the lower one. Thanks for the advice anyway... if you did a conversion a couple years ago, you'd know that.
  5. My standard saiga's are at least: US FCG US Buttstock US PG US muzzle 6 parts Since you have to replace those parts anyway. I guess it would apply to all those non-converted guns with hi-caps
  6. dyi

    Surefire front forearm

    I don't like the overhang either.
  7. dyi

    Shopping list

    Plus a grip screw and nut $10 So would I still need the reciever backplate and stock adapter? Good call on the grip screw and nut. What is a receiver backplate? This comes with everything you need to install the stock: http://www.blackjackbuffers.com/index.php?...e95629789b1d218 Or were you trying to piece together a different stock than the skeleton?
  8. dyi

    Shopping list

    Personally: Tapco G2 trigger group $34 Saw Grip $23 ACE $152 Mod the stock trigger guard $free --------------------------------- $209 http://www.blackjackbuffers.com/index.php?...e95629789b1d218 The trigger guard is not a counted part so it doesn't matter if it is US made or not.
  9. dyi

    If Obama....

    George Bush, McCain, Kerry, Obama - you think any of them give a f*ck? Doesn't matter which puppet it is. Unless you can get Barr or Paul or similar elected. Showing your head did no good either. Ready to fight for what? May find the NEED to vote? For what. You should be voting anyways. But since we can't vote for ATF officials and have no chance of the RIGHT candidate winning this election (and no its not McCain) then why even waste brain cells worrying?
  10. dyi

    If Obama....

    This same topic has come up here since 2001. Don't waste your thoughts fretting. If it happens, deal with it then. There is no effective way to battle it now except promoting responsible ownership and use. Since ATF is above democratic action, there's nothing to do until it happens. Unless you think you can elect a president that will abolish them.
  11. dyi

    Waiting lists

    Why not just buy one? http://gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewItem.asp?Item=113938756
  12. Weekend special $599 (what I've got into it) + shipping, I need another S12 to SBR
  13. If you are trying to create a SVD look alike, then this is actually the best stock to use:
  14. These require no mods: http://gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewItem.asp?Item=111195942 http://gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewItem.asp?Item=110893630 These require you to "convert" the gun to normal AK layout: http://www.ultimak.com/CHOS-B.htm
  15. Unless you were to modify your mag followers to hold the bolt back on the last shot... You still have to pull the bolt back it hit that notch...
  16. Huh??? It is a pain in the arse to get a money order. First you gotta go to your bank (gas wasting), then you gotta go to the post office, wait in line, buy money order, fill the stupid thing out, put in envelope, and mail. Then 2 weeks later when Billy Bob gets his money order, he then mails the item out. Paypal and credit cards are so much quicker and less of a pain in the ass. The post office will sell you a money order with a debit / check card - why go two places? But I agree with you I'd rather point and click online since it is hard to get to the PO during my unpredictable lunch break.
  17. I had 3 Cetme's. Now I have 0 Cetme's. I believe they have already appreciated as much as possible less inflation. I bought mine for $260 each and sold them for $500. Its a sexy rifle but: Harder to clean down that receiver Mine only shot NATO and not winchester (due to the fluted chamber design, Winchester pressure was not approved, it will rip the case bottom off or just get stuck) AK action and spare parts (less the bolt carrier and bolt for the saiga 308) will be much easier to come by
  18. dyi

    ar mag adapter

    Been away from here for a while, a couple of thoughts being the first UA adapter mod on this forum - http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?showtopic=17312&st=0 Make the adapter attach to the bottom of the receiver using the rear mag catch and the front mag lip in the trunion with out opening the mag well or grinding the bottom of the lugs. Give the mag more tilt than the UA adapter so less emphasis is on the bullet guide and more in line with the stock feed angle. Ambi drop free mag release operated by the trigger finger. Glad to see someone with production capabilities has taken this on!
  19. I have the CAA tube and stock on my 223. I'd buy it again, the poly is thick and tuff and the stock has good engagement.
  20. It takes a steady hand to do that and get it right my man. I cut, crowned, and threaded a FAL barrel 30 minutes after opening the box of my HF 7x14 lathe. Oh, it was the first time I ever used a lathe and had to grind the thread cutting point by hand on a bench grinder. Wasn't that bad, go slow and use a mic.
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