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  1. Pre-ban AK mags of any capacity are OK in NY and you may use them in any gun whether the weapon is pre or post ban. Your sources are correct, the WASRs were imported with receivers that accepted single stack magazines, Century then cut them to accept standard AK mags and added US parts for 922r compliance. No worries, you are good to go with the pre-ban AK mags.
  2. Ahh... I recall the first time I carried (some 14 years ago). My good friend asked me how it felt. I said, "Like responsibility!"
  3. Guess I have to check the forums more often. Completely missed the announcement until TODAY. Well there's always #4 to look forward to...
  4. I suppose I could do pretty well living off the local resources considering that would include the ruins of a Walmart Distribution Center.
  5. "But fake goods have created comedy as well as tragedy. One despairing soul who took rat poison in a suicide attempt didn't die, as the poison turned out to be fake." You can't make this stuff up!
  6. Off Topic: Hey Geologist, I'm a Geologist too. Wonder if we have any others on the Forum?
  7. Maybe just someone's way of taking an informal poll of the gun community. "Should converted (restored) S-12's be considered DD's." From the reaction on this, and other gun forums, the answers is...?
  8. I have a pic of one posted on the fridge with note to wife "Want for Birthday". Well actually I have to try the 10 rounder being under the oppression of NYS.
  9. More pics from Rob and I... 1&2. Targets on Rifle Range including Saiga Antelope and Water-Filled jugs with Zombie Heads at 100&200 yds. 3&4. Pistol/Shotgun Range with Field of Zombies. 5. Nailbomb's Ride. 6. CBob taking a 75 round dump. 7. Trap Range. 8to11. Nailbomb, Matt, CBob, and Stormi at Trap Range. 12. Rob with shit-eatin' grin after 1st time shooting an S12. 13. Hardware. 14. 10th Mountian Division (Fort Drum not far from here) .308. 15. CBob's PSL - Now Matt wants one! 16&17. Aftermath Flames and Pall of Smoke. 18. Rob with AK.
  10. I had a great time. Thanks to all who showed, Nailbomb, Autumn, AkaStormi, Rob, and Matt. Plus Fred, one of the club regulars turned up and shared his M1 with us. I'll post some pics once I find my cell's flashcard. Plus Rob took a whole bunch and is burning a CD for me. Perfect weather, good company, and lots of fun hardware - can't think of many better ways to spend an afternoon. I got a kick out of the three Bosnian guys, the looks on their faces was priceless when they first showed up and saw all our Saiga's and com-block surplus stuff. I overheard an older fellow with his muzzleloader asking one of you guys, "What the hell is that?". Funny. Thanks to everyone for sharing your guns, ammo, food, and time. Thanks to Matt and Stormi for helping me clean up. Let's be sure to do it again next year. CB
  11. Tomorrow's shoot is still on! Looks like we have five definite shows and as many maybe's. Schedule is get together 10 to 12. Shoot 12 to 4 or 5, eat whatever folks bring to share, shoot to dusk (if the will and ammo remain). Going to be perfect weather, overnight low of 50 and daytime high of 80, sunshine, low humidity. Will post pics next week.
  12. Citizen Bob

    AGP Mags

    No complaint, actually a compliment. I have had two springs break in 10 round AGP magazines. Both times they quickly sent replacements. Like the first post says - contact them.
  13. OK then, with six days to go, who's in? Obviously, I'll be there. Hopefully, not alone for an afternoon of shooting, 'though that doesn't suck either.
  14. The NYS definition of an "Assault Weapon" is different for rifles vrs shotguns vrs pistols. There is no logic to any of it. I will tell you this, if you are going to play with these things in NYS invest some serious time learning the laws.
  15. Welcome NYLI81! I'm in Central New York. Had the same question as you last year when I got my S12. If you search the forms here you will learn that thumbhole/skeleton stocks on the S12 are OK in New York State. Pistol grips are not. To paraphrase NYS AWB re shotguns: "Assault Weapon" defined as a Semi-auto shotgun with two of the following: Folding or Telescoping Stock Pistol Grip Fixed Magazine > 5 round capacity Detachable Magazine Since the Saiga-12 already has a detachable magazine, adding the folding/telescoping stock or a pistol grip puts you in violation. Silly crap, I know. I called the NYS Police on this issue and was told thumbhole/skeleton stocks are not considered pistol grips. Furthermore, the text of NY's proposed expanded AWB adds thumbhole stocks to the forbidden list. Why would they be specifically added to the proposed (not in effect) law if they were illegal under the existing law? If it helps you with you decision, here I am in NY with my S-12 equipped with a skeleton stock. Mine is not converted. You used to be able to get a Bulgarian skeleton stock that worked on converted (trigger group moved back to original location) S-12's, but I don't think they are available any longer. Have Fun!
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