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  1. i used to work for a baseball glove company & they recommended petroleum jelly (vaseline) for softening leather
  2. when i was 25 my parents died & i inherited a convenience store & 2 apartment complexes. i ran them for 10 years & decided i didnt want to mess with it anymore & sold them. the reason i sold them is that it was more trouble dealing with & paying off the different government agencies than it was operating my business. i had several employees & they were usually great. i had the occasional asshole, but didnt keep them around long. to operate a little mom & pop store that sold gas, candy, cokes, cigarettes, & burritos, i had to be licensed by 5 differe
  3. this makes me sick, our governement is paid to deal with scum like this so this kind of thing doesnt happen. the guy in cleveland that just got out of prison for rape should have been hit in the back of the head & buried years ago, instead 10 or so people have to die because the rights of this garbage are too precious. it's been 8 years since our country was attacked by muslim extremists, since then we have elected a president with a muslim name & we have muslim extremests in the army. our government is screwed beyond repair in my opinion.
  4. there are much better places to sell gold than cash 4 gold, coin shops usually buy & sell bullion for close to spot prices.
  5. i pulled this up & not only does it give you a list, it also list the transfer fee charged. http://gunbroker.com/User/DealerNetwork.asp (i dont work for gunbroker, just think this is a great tool)
  6. if they charge sales tax, i think they are either mistaken, or they are keeping the money.
  7. i pay $20 also, you can go on gunbroker & they have something called ffl finder. you enter your zip code & it gives you all nearby ffl holders. then you can call around & find someone who would rather do transfers.
  8. the last time i was in mexico, i brought back a big bottle of cipro, it cures about anything
  9. i thought this was a good spot for my black powder golf ball cannon
  10. if your gun cycles great with the stock one & you dont have compliance issues, is there any reason to get a different one?
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