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  1. got the same one but with the 3 screws on the bottom to secure it. It was off to the right, so i cut 4 thin strips from a soda can and inserted them between the mount and where it hooks onto the rifle. Those strips were used as shims and now the mount is pretty center. I'm still not happy so thinking about getting the Beryl style mount. Hopefully that doesn't require any tweaking/shimming
  2. Did lots of searches here and other places and watched tons of videos. I don't remember actually seeing an exact list of all the parts for the .308. I've seen parts mostly for AK's only. Parts for the .308 are all scattered and not sure which to use exactly. Can someone list all the parts they used to convert their Saiga 308? It'd be nice to have the full exact names and link if possible. If not, I can just google for the parts. Thanks a lot! My goal is to use the Choate stock and not the pistol grip. Came up with this: http://www.dinzagarms.com/misc_parts/misc_parts.html and this: http://www.redstararms.com/c1.htm
  3. nevermind... i don't know what happened, but i found the option to switch it back...
  4. when opening a thread, each response is given a link on the bottom where you have to click to see the response...Instead of having all the responses all in one page displayed like before, why is it like this now? It's very annoying.
  5. nice.. i wanna do that to my s308. did u use a new barrel? it seems longer than 22"
  6. same problem with my s308 too. I have the aK style side mount... It sits nice and level with the receiver but don't understand how this would affect the elevation so much. Tried it with 2 different scopes and say problem..
  7. i'm sure the mount from ebay would work just fine. it's actually $60 after shipping.. i might try it too..
  8. before shelling out like $70 for it, i need your opinions. Does it mount well? I wonder if after many rounds, the rear bolt/screw will come loose since it's screwed into the buttstock.. http://dpharms.com/beryl-style-scope-mount-p-230.html
  9. you got your .308 for cheap. i spent like $13/per of 20...
  10. Saia 308 22" barrel with center point 4-16x-40mm. Boresighted the gun @ 25yds on the dot. The scope almost perfectly lined up with the barrel in the center. Maybe slightly canted to the left by 1-2 degree". Can't be perfect I guess. I'm using the UTG AK side mount. Tried it with my other scope and ran outta windage adjustment too. i'm hitting the bullseye, but afraid if i shoot @ like 100yds, i may need some windage adjustments and won't be able to...arrgg.. I tested those scopes on my GSG-5 which was canted to the right by a good 5 degree and managed to zeroed it at 25 yds and still got plenty of windage adjustment left.. WTF? my Saiga barrel is straight. Was having problem with accuracy last time with this mount. Got it fix, but still can't figured out why i am running out of the LEFT (turning the knob clockwise) windage adjustment. Zeroing at 25 yds and i got only like 3 more clicks.
  11. i was thinking of that too cuz 90% of my cases went into the 'no enter' zone..
  12. thanks guys.. gonna try some padding.. gonna attempt to reload next weekend...hahaha... first time ever!!! need to research.. dont want any KBs
  13. gotta find out what's causing that dent.. even if i can tweak those back to it's original shape, i'm not so sure if i should use those for reloads... :/
  14. So i had the shell gouging problem: To solve this, I rounded the edge of the bolt thing..whatever you call it and i can NOW load a full mag with the action closed and then pulling it back to chamber a round. Before I had to lock the action/bolt open. NOW>>> 150 grain soft point Federal Clearly this happened during ejection because this wouldn't be possible when chambering a round... Any of you guys had this problem? I hope it's not because I rounded the bolt thing. Before, it wasn't leaving dents on the shell case mouth, but gouges on the body of the shell cases...arrrgggg I guess leaving a scar on the shell case after firing isn't as bad as leaving a scar on the shell cases when chambering a round. The gun fired flawlessly...no jams whatsoever after like 30 rounds...
  15. thanks.. i'll try that... but before i do it, how much lighter is the pull afterwards?
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