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  1. I'd rather spend more elsewhere than give a dime of my money to Cheaper Than Dirt.
  2. There aren't enough wood-dressed Saiga 12s out there. Bravo. Here's mine:
  3. Figured this sub needed a thread for customers to show off some of Cobra's handiwork. I'll go first. Parts from Cobra include the fire control group from several years back and, more recently, a vented upper handguard.
  4. I tried a set of Hogues. Not sure exactly which model. Didn't care for the looks of them and they felt cheap as hell. Hollow-ish. Ran fifty through it at a range with them on and wasn't impressed. Ditched 'em and went to the T-Grip. Lusted after a set of Nill Griffes, but their prices skyrocketed during the period where I was trying to convince myself, and my right hand, that I didn't need to pay a hundred bucks for a comfortable, attractive grip. Shoulda bought the Nills then instead of farting around with ugly rubber stuff. Shoulda, coulda woulda, I guess. Really want to give Herrett
  5. I'm very fond of mine. I've not found a grip I'm fully satisfied with, though. The T-Grip adapter vastly improved the original grips but I'm not entirely happy. I think sometime in the near future I'll spring for a set of Herretts.
  6. In regards to a red dot, the PK-01v is low enough to allow cowitness of the irons.
  7. I used a Dinzag's handguard retainer and Ironwood's Saiga 12 furniture.
  8. Izhmash knows, but they don't want to tell anyone for fear of being sued.
  9. I appreciate the opinions and information, gents. I've ordered a PK-01V from Eastwave. Their customer service has been stellar thus far. The PK-23 will be in the back of my head for future projects. This won't be the last Saiga rifle I scope.
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