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  1. I use 35 and 50rd Gaili mags in my Saiga, they fit great with no mods. All I had to do was weld a machine screw to the top of the front catch to act has as fed ramp. I had no problems with these mags for about 1500rds now. I don't remember the screw size. They were in a "junk" bin and they just happened to work. They only drawback is the price of the mags compared to AK or AR mags.
  2. Finally got to shoot my .223 this weekend!! 100yards with a 4x24 pso scope gave me a 2" group with 10rounds and a 3" group after 50rounds. I am VERY satisfied my Saiga. By the way, I was using Wolf 62gr FMC's. I figured thats not bad with cheap ammo.
  3. I just bought a saiga .223 short barrel, I haven't had a chance to fire it yet. But if it is anything close to the quality of my 410 version I will be very satisfied. Any 223 owners out ther? Offer your opions of this wonderful firearm.
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