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    Speed of service

    Yeah, got my order to my door in 2 days.
  2. vit

    C-more mags for S-12?

    Any word on the development or news on XM-26? I found a couple of pictures with the mag that I posted. Any idea if S-12 mag parts would work with that mag body?
  3. vit

    C-more mags for S-12?

    Is anybody here familiar with the C-more XM-26? It uses what look like Saiga 12 mags. Here are a couple of pictures of one with S-12 mag in it. http://world.guns.ru/shotgun/sh28-e.htm http://www.globalsecurity.org/military/sys.../ground/m26.htm It is interesting to see a US company working on a military contract using a Russian design for the mag.
  4. vit

    C-more mags for S-12?

    Some pictures of the mag:
  5. vit

    C-more mags for S-12?

    Thanks for the links.
  6. vit

    Today I Stole a Saiga S-12

  7. vit

    C-more mags for S-12?

    It would be nice for C-more to sell some of their 5 round mags to us. They look a bit different.
  8. vit

    a totally newb question

    A belt of .308 blanks would look cooler yet.
  9. vit

    a totally newb question

    Why do you have a 7.62 mag in a 5.56 rifle?
  10. vit

    accuracy BAD

    What do you mean by "2 rear cross bar pins"? There is one cross pin, it is forward of the hammer. Did you check the crown?
  11. vit

    the saiga 308 and 180 grain bullets

    Try it! I've been shooting 150's and SA surplus with very good results from my 16" Saiga.
  12. vit

    Where to get 8 rounders?

    I just got a couple from a local shop @ $35 a pop, call around in your area and see if any are available. I have seen some on e-bay just the other week for $30-40. Vit
  13. vit

    No-Gunsmithing Forend Update

    One of these made of wood would be nice...
  14. vit


    Make sure that the front of the cover is in.
  15. vit

    Bolt locked, Help!

    The buffer will be in pieces
  16. vit

    my saiga 308, to shoot or not to shoot?

    Investment? Hell no! They are meant to be shot. A lot. It is a used gun, the value will depend on how well you take care of it.
  17. vit

    Bolt locked, Help!

    I had this happen with .308 Vepr. Are you using a buffer? I was using a Buffertech buffer, with the buffer in place there is not enough rearward movement to get things undone. Had to take pliers and rip out the buffer, pull the bolt back and release.
  18. vit

    G3 mag adaptors - Last Call

    Very tempting...
  19. vit

    G3 mag adaptors - Last Call

    G3, Did you ever get a chance to conver some mags to work with unmodified rifle? Did you ever get the whole mag to feed w/o problems? How many rounds since removal of suppor pin have you fired? The removal of cross pin worries me a little. The whole Daewoo mag deal is starting to smell to me...
  20. vit

    saiga .308 problem?

    That's normal
  21. vit

    problems with ruger

    I have had a P-89 and P-94. Never a problem.
  22. vit

    Vepr .308

    They won't.
  23. vit

    CAR15 stock for 308: good or dumb idea?

    You are not. Yes, it is.
  24. vit

    Range report: CAR collapsible stock

    QUOTE (Blackjack @ Feb 4 2005, 02:39 AM) To correct that slight upward angle of your stock add a couple shim washers under the rear tang hole. Just did the washer thing. Added two of them. The stock has a pronaunced downward angle. I can get the sights to line up! The adapter looks almost cross threaded, but still solid. Now I need to test fire- that may take a while.