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  1. Howdy there everybody! Working on putting together some 74 builds and I have everything except the barrels. Need 4 but if you only have 1 I'll buy it. US made or Bulgarian, virgin or ancient, fresh chromed or pitted.... whatever. Price negotiations based on condition, I'm a fair businessman. Wide variety of payment methods. PM or reply in this thread and I'll get right back to you.
  2. Thanks for all the suggestions from everybody... probably just will get another SR9C but still thinking. To answer Cali Armz... I have a fair bit of experience shooting Glocks and think they are fine weapons. Accurate and reliable. Yes, I'd say that Ruger almost completely ripped off the Glock trigger safety. Nothing wrong with that, it's a great design. I think the SR9C has some distinct advantages especially as a carry pistol. The different sized magazines are very nice, 10 rounder for concealed carry and the 17 rounder with a grip extension for range/spare mag. Indeed the compact
  3. Wow, I'd never even heard of that, it's like a tiny cheap M9. Pretty cool, thanks. Oh, I've got some plans that I probably shouldn't discuss publicly....
  4. Eh sorry, not a Glock fan at all. This dude is about as trusted as they come in my book, we've been through a lot of shit together. If my buddy had any interest in robbing me, I've got some guns that are a lot nicer than that Ruger. This is deployment no. 4 for me, you just gotta accept that stuff like this happens sometimes and it's out of your control. I'm considering maybe a S&W MP9C. The Beretta Px4 subcompact looks interesting also. Anybody have any feedback on these weapons?
  5. Well the title sums it up, but here's the background story: I'm deployed in the middle east at the moment and my buddy is hanging on to all my stuff including my guns back in the states. I was talking to him a bit ago and he told me that my Ruger SR9C was stolen. He knows who did it but the guy skipped town, got my boy's PS3 too. Apparently he lost his job, couldn't feed his daughter, and needed money but I still want to hit him with a crowbar. Sucks, I really loved that pistol. Get to the point, I'll obviously need to buy a new compact carry/ tactical/ highway speed limit sign plinki
  6. Hmm, that's what I suspected, thanks. I have no access to a lathe, does anybody think it would work to take material off the inside of the smaller Romy parts?
  7. Hi everybody. I just got a great deal on some Yugoslavian M70 barrels, after planning to build on a Romanian kit. I believe the Yugo barrels are a bit thicker than others, and I would deduce from this that there may be fitting issues with the gas block, fsb, trunnion. Just wondering if anybody has ever tried this, or knows if/how it could work. Thanks in advance.
  8. Looks pretty good to me. Any chance we can get a pic with AR BUIS in place of the optic?
  9. I've had my Gunfixer plug for about 1 1/2 years now, I think it is a vast improvement over the OEM Russian plug. As has already been said, the ability to change gas settings without having to use a knife or key or something is nice. It is also much easier to remove to clean the puck, just unscrew it. When I bought my S12 it was a 2 hole vodka special that wouldn't cycle a damn thing. My solution: I got the Gunfixer plug and drilled oversized gas ports and I now (generally) shoot slugs on -1, buck on -1 or +1, and cheap stuff on +1 or 2. I turn it on 3 whenever I hip fire to achieve go
  10. Not gonna lie, that's the best Saiga 12 I've seen in a while. Lone Star Arms is right down the street from me, it's really tempting.
  11. That would probably be the best way to do it. It could be box like and flat perpendicular to the weapon. The feed pawls could be run if an extension to the bottom of the bolt protruded through the bottom of the receiver or magwell. For a setup like that you would definitely have to crank up the gas system to 11.
  12. That would probably be the best way to do it. It could be box like and flat perpendicular to the weapon. The feed pawls could be run if an extension to the bottom of the bolt protruded through the bottom of the receiver or magwell.
  13. RPK's are magazine fed just like an AK or Saiga. The belt fed PK machine gun was designed by Kalashnikov but is a medium machinegun and a very different weapon from the AK. I imagine it would be nearly impossible to adapt a Saiga 12 to function akin to a PK or be run belt fed. Attaching a feed cover and feed tray would be required, not sure how. The bolt and trigger system would have to use an open bolt setup also, this would be very difficult. I think it would be much easier to mess with a PK receiver and possibly use a modified S12 bolt and barrel. I could see some ejection issues w
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