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  1. Lesson learned. I have not taken the time to learn all the features of the board, but understand this one now.
  2. Tony, its straight from the article link. I didnt write any of it.
  3. Ive had comcast and charter and satellite, and in my opinion directv is the best equipt and price for TV service, but it wont take care of your internet issue. I got free install, 3 boxes (1 hd dvr, 1 hd receiver and 1 standard receiver) 250 channels and showtime and stars for 70 bucks a month.
  4. If you click on the link you can see its just a copy paste from ammoland.com, not me "making shit up". Glad its mis reporting as it enraged me when I read it. Agencies that operate without oversight violate checks and balances and need to be dismantled.
  5. http://www.ammoland....rs-of-firearms/ "Anyone sending a gun in for warranty or to a gunsmith will now have to send their firearms through multiple FFL dealers, fill out 4473's and pay for back ground checks on guns you already own." "Reversing an interpretation of the Gun Control Act that has been on the books for more than four decades, ATF posted a ruling declaring any shipment of a firearm by a manufacturer (FFL) to any agent or business (e.g., an engineering-design firm, patent lawyer, testing lab, gun writer, etc.) for a bona fide business purpose to be a "transfer" under the Gun Control Act of 1968.As a consequence, legitimate business-related shipments will now require the recipient to complete a Form 4473 and undergo a Brady criminal background check. In many instances, these requirements will force shipments to a third party, thereby lengthening the process and the time that the firearm is in transit. ATF officials have acknowledged this is a radical change from ATF's long-standing interpretation that this was not a "transfer" under the Gun Control Act that was set forth in a 1969 ruling ("Shipment or Delivery of Firearms By Licensees to Employees, Agents, Representatives, Writers and Evaluators.") and further clarified in a 1972 ruling. In other words, ATF is now saying its long-standing rulings, issued shortly after the Gun Control Act was enacted, were wrong. ATF should be required to explain why it took 42 years to decide that its original understanding and interpretation of the Gun Control Act is now somehow wrong. ATF appears to be under the mistaken impression that the Brady Act of 1993 changed what constitutes a "transfer" under the Gun Control Act. Even if this were true - and it is not – then ATF should be required to explain why it took 17 years to figure this out. ATF itself admits that neither the Gun Control Act nor the Brady Act defines "transfer." There is simply nothing in the Brady Act or is there any other legal reason that compels ATF to now reject 40 years of precedent. For more than four decades manufacturers have shipped firearms to agents for bona fide business purposes. ATF is unable to identify a single instance during the past 40 years where a single firearm shipped in reliance upon ATF's rulings was used in a crime. This unwarranted reinterpretation of the law will cause significant disruption and additional costs for industry members and increase the cost of doing business, while doing nothing to advance public safety."
  6. If you go ace, get the 1 inch recoil pad if you want a more comfortable ride on long shooting days...... But after seeing those pics, that folding stock is really cool, would love to try something like that on the next build.
  7. its not going to break free, but it might shake loose over time. Purple locktite and you are good. Or even better, weld the fucker. With the older tromix, the problem was usually user error, using a longer bolt than you should for your grip, tightening down too hard and pushing the guard away from the backplate and into the receiver and bending or breaking a bolt. Sounds like thats fixed now.
  8. Aimpoints hold up even mounted on saiga 12s! Need I say more? Yes they are more money, but for me its worth saving up an extra hundo or so and not having to replace it later because it wont hold 0 or the mount keeps falling off. I have not had to adjust mine since I mounted it. I do not remove mine after its zeroed. The mount has a lot to do with why it stays in place and at 0. Im partial to larue mounts who claim you can take it on and off and retain 0.
  9. sacsucks

    Just got one

    Congrats on your purchase and welcome to the saiga addiction. Start with 200 or so rounds of high brass like slugs or 00 buck to break in your new gun on gas setting 1. Then try some bird shot on setting 2. Depending on what you get, you may need some additional mods. Track how many failures you get, and keep track of failures to eject vs failure to feed depending on your gas settings and ammo selection. Both types of failures can mean polishing is required, but were is dependent on the issue. See my article in my signature for my 2 cents on break in etc. You dont have to follow all the mods (you will find people are pretty opinionated as to how and what they will do to their guns around here) , but it gives you an idea what you could do. Stick mags should be used at first while you troubleshoot, and remember that the factory 5 rounder is likely the most reliable mag to use. Anything over 10 rounds and drums can be a bit testy at first and can require adjustment depending on your gun, ammo selection etc so I tend to avoid those if I am trying to root cause a problem. You will work out the bugs and then be able to enjoy most any well made mag or the md drum. Most of all, have fun, and get ready to impress your friends and spend cash on mags, accessories etc for your new toy!
  10. So with the help of a gunsmith and full machine shop, I converted 2 Vodka Specials to something that now have worked for a good year with regular use and thousands of rounds through them with no explosions or issues. Sure I could have sent them in to Cadiz, but I wanted to learn how to do this myself and it was part of what I expected when I got into this type of gun. Hope some of you take the risks to learn so its not just something you send out to get done. As controversial as my decision to seal that side vent under the handguard may be, this is in regards to fixing a Vodka special, not for good working guns. My smithie recommended it and it helped a lot on the two s12s we worked on which we tested before and after. In the case of the 21 inch barrel, the hole left uncovered resulted in weak ejects. Tiging it shut helped on that gun to ensure proper ejects. Cobra mentioned when I posted my article that he covered his with scotch tape and it didnt even blow it off when shooting, even though he does not agree with my decision to plug the hole. That is sure not a lot of pressure escaping from that port so I think some of you are making a big deal about blow ups and dont know what you are talking about. The gas tube and gas system is so loose on my guns and is far from a sealed system that there is no risk of the thing going boom for that port being sealed alone. Take off the dust cover and try to shake your gas tube. It probably moves a bit if its a factory model that has not had the gas block pushed on tighter. Look at the design of the gas system of the s12 or any ak. There is plenty of space in there for gas to escape. The two s12's we did this to have had thousands of rounds through them, even magnum slugs with no issues, so I think thats testament that its fine. Very little pressure is gained from plugging that hole. Shooting bird shot has a lot more to do with the # of gas ports than the side port as I noted in my article. I suggest you read through the whole thing before you put ur 2 cents in!
  11. Heres the latest on this story: http://www.examiner.com/x-2879-Austin-Gun-Rights-Examiner~y2010m1d20-Austin-gun-show-update-Interviews-reveal-bigger-picture?cid=channel-rss-Politics
  12. You can do your own hot rebluing if you get some brownells tanks to do it in. but its nasty work. Its worth paying someone else for. Check my signature article for info on hot rebluing saigas.
  13. The war is long over, and its MD all the way!
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