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  1. Please tell me these are going to be magwell compatible! That would be grand ! I'm very glad these will coming out after so long of patiently waiting.
  2. I like running lots of cheap ammo though my s12 cause I like to shoot alot . My expectations are real and my s12 runs fn awesome on all three brands of the wally world 100 round value packs because I put my research in and did what I need to do to it . I didn't pay for any parts other than an auto plug that's awesome. I've fixed others as well. Read up on the polish and profiling and gas port work
  3. Id clean the piston and that area out and do a basic gas port check while your there . You can use paperclip , o ring pick ,or dental pick and make sure they are open and not blocked . If they are not blocked or too small you should be fine with a good polishing and profile of the bolt,bolt carrier,hammer. Jemtech is right sometimes the gas ports are a problem.keep in mind the are angled .
  4. http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?/topic/50571-how-do-i-polish-the-bolt/ Read all of this good info. You can do a basic check of your gas ports using a paper clip , o ring pick or dental pick .If each is open it is most likely not a gas issue.
  5. http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?/topic/50571-how-do-i-polish-the-bolt/
  6. I wouldn't change springs either. I would do what I advised earlier as its the cheapest and most effective this will eliminate excessive friction that is very common on the s12. You can throw parts at it all day long and not fix the core issues . When you change springs and such you need to know what you are doing. Can cause failures , excessive wear, or make you limited on ammo choices.
  7. I'd polish the rails,bolt ,and carrier. search the forum . Clean the piston area up and gas ports and retest. There are plenty of Vendors here that perform that service also if your not comfortable doing that kind of work .
  8. You can always buy some simplex nails ,tape /glue,and Styrofoam to make a lot of nutbusters. ;-)
  9. http://m.youtube.com/my_videos#/watch?v=if9L5wzqc8E http://m.youtube.com/my_videos#/watch?v=pEuSRbcqxWs http://m.youtube.com/my_videos#/watch?v=U63PRT86gXQ http://m.youtube.com/my_videos#/watch?v=Pg3smoCB4UA I do realize I should just stfu when she is doing fine for the second time she shot the saiga
  10. Those impact/stickers that phones use / or the ones they use for shipping would probably be the most economical. Or a compression tester . But could use of a compression tester ( If you have one with that thread size or an adapter). I'm not gonna try it
  11. I would wait for the one that will work with md 20 drums . I believe they are coming soon
  12. Check out the autoplug also it works awesome. only drawback is you are limited to using 2 3/4 shells
  13. Don't pull the block unless you need to . pic looks good and proper i would just make sure they are not blocked i use o ring picks some use dental picks some people by using a paperclip . I don't put any kind of lube on the piston as it attracts dirt and it sticks to it.make sure you clean all oil and fouling from the piston and gas block. If you did not clean it prior to shooting it the oils may have caused your issue. They are assembled with oily substance to prevent corrosion.
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