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  1. Xelephere

    affordable red-dot reflex sight?

    Can anyone suggest an affordable red-dot reflex sight that can hold zero on an S-12? X.
  2. Xelephere

    S-12 is so nice and comfy

    My S12 is my gun of choice and I have been known to take extra care when cleaning it / moding it but that is as far as it has gotten... my wife doesn't understand the S12 but she is the same way when it comes to her Sig P226. X.
  3. Xelephere

    10 Round Drums

    Symmetry baby sign me up for 2-4!
  4. Xelephere

    $99.98 Chaos rail 4th July Sale!!!!!!

    Thanks for the awsome deal, I just ordered one! X.
  5. Xelephere

    Removing the S12's Barrel

    I swear I saw a walk though with pictures on removing the S12's Barrel but I can not seem to find the link. Anyone happen to have it handy? X.
  6. Xelephere


    Here is the latest info from Leapers site... http://www.leapers.com/pages/new_items/new-products.htm
  7. Xelephere

    New barrel

    My wife the wonderful woman she is bought me a S12 for V-Day. I am at Camp Eggers Afghanistan for 5 more weeks so I was not with her when she bought it. She bought me an S12 with a 24" barrel and I really had my heart set on the 19". Does anyone know if I can buy a 19" Barrel for a S12 like other Shotguns or do I need to take it to a Gunsmith and have it shortened? Thanks, X.
  8. Xelephere

    19" or 24" Barrel?

    I know this is a noobish question but here goes... I am setting out buy my first Saiga-12 and I was wondering which barrel length to buy and what the over all difference is in the performance in the two? Thanks, X.