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  1. Thanks for the range report. I've got a 223 I'd like to convert to accept AR Mags. Really like your setup. Any wisdom on the mag conversion process would be great. The red dots are giving me issues too, I'm contemplating running a prism next. I like my posp, but want something different.
  2. Congrats, best decision I have made in a long time was to leave MD. I feel for all my buddies still stuck in that state. A lot of good people up there, I'm afraid things are only going to get worse in that state. I thank God every day I'm in Tennessee. Like minded people, low taxes, better cost of living and great gun laws. Enjoy Texas, Free at Last!!!!!
  3. Thank God I got out when I did. I feel for all my friends and family that are stuck in that state. Maryland has some good people but they are outnumbered. If you can get out do it, I don't see it improving.
  4. G O B I'm so glad to be out of MD. When I worked in the PG, all I had was my Spyderco Native. I still carry my trusty Native, but It has company... a Glock 40 or 9 depending on my mood. All my Glocks fit in my Glaco King Tuk. It will hold 17,19,22,23,26 or 27. The King Tuk is a great IWB holster.
  5. I want a free conversion. I spent the day with the family. We went to the parade in town and celebrated with our community. We got some fireworks and had a BBQ. Later, we watched the fireworks over Chattanooga from the bluff with the kids.
  6. Fire up the Weber and have a BBQ with the family. Got some fireworks for the kids, but nothing too exciting as the fire risk is super high here to. Maybe head to Chattanooga to see the show. No cocktails, may have to switch the name to lemonade on ice.........
  7. You can't go wrong with the Costco kit for $30. I really like all the bits too.
  8. I've got a few people interested in buying it. I kind of hate to sell it, it was my first semi-auto rifle. I'd rather have an AK platform at then end of the day.
  9. Thanks for the review, that sounds like a great rifle.
  10. Excuse me for asking, but for this caliber and barrel length, why the need for a muzzle device? I was thinking a flash supressor. Plus, I like evil features like threaded barrels, it makes me warm and fuzzy inside.
  11. That is a very good point. Probably no chance the barrel is threaded either.
  12. I think my first choice is the 340, but I am tempted with the 20".
  13. Now I am totally confused. Get the target 20" or the 340 with the front end done? I like how the 16" handles, but the heavy barrel is great option.
  14. I agree with RED333. I use Glocks for that reason. I got started with them and have become very familiar with the operation. It becomes automatic after a while. I have other handguns, but choose to use the old standby for my ccw. I figure I don't need any suprises in a stressful situation. Plus the mag sharring and holster sharring capabilities are a real bonus. I have a Galco King-Tuck that will handle a compact, mid and fullsize Glock.
  15. Thanks for the info. What trigger did you go with? Good job on your build, it looks great!
  16. That was crazy. I can't believe he was able to get that close without detection.
  17. I'm on the fence about this too, but am strongly leaning towards the 340 for the threaded muzzle. I have a few more questions, sorry to beat a dead horse..... If I want to add US hanguards, can I use the stock retainers that come with 340? Is it an easy swap? How much does a muzzle break help? Is it a big difference? Does the 340 need a bullet giude? Thanks
  18. I never give any indication that I am armed. I don't even have a NRA sticker on my car anymore. I am concerned about theft when I lleave a gun in the car. The article is a good read.. Thanks for posting. I am so glad I left Maryland. I had a few close calls in Baltimore city and PG county. I always felt like a sitting duck, the only protection I had was my spyderco for years.
  19. The Mini never was super accurate, but it always feed well. It does make a good truck gun being stainless and a folder.
  20. I hate to part with any firearm, but I'm thinking about selling my mini-14 to fund a new project. I have a pre-ban ss mini with a Butler Creek folder. It's a nice rifle, but I don't shoot it anymore and want to fund a 5.45 Saiga. I wonder what it is worth with the new improved mini-14's out. Any ideas what it's worth?
  21. I had a DPMS Panther and I never had one problem with it. But I think there are better deals to be had. I would take a look at Spikes, Double Star, S&W or Stag. See what kind of deal you can get.
  22. I don't trust Snopes or Factcheck. Please pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. The funding is a little sketchy at best.....
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