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  1. piggsy

    Metal Finishing Question

    I stripped paint off of the bolt and applied cold bluing to it. It looks damn good if you rub it into the metal correctly.
  2. piggsy

    Mangled Brass

    That's great news. I noticed that not every casing was dented. I don't reload, so no biggie. Thanks!
  3. piggsy

    Mangled Brass

    Does anyone else get scored, or dented ejected casings from their S-308? I was shooting 150 grain winchester SP. Not exactly 7.62X51 Nato spec. Accuracy was great at 100 yards with 8X42 POSP. I'm pleased with this rifle, but I am concerned about using these thin brass cartriges. Thoughts?
  4. piggsy

    45LC in a Saiga .410

    There's only one way to find out
  5. piggsy

    How to remove sight rib or dovetailed sights

    I beat on the rear sight with a drift for an hour. Then I applied heat to it and beat on it some more. The only thing that worked for me was to saw down the middle of the sight longways until it could deform, and knock it out. good luck!
  6. BobAsh, another Tulsan I stole my name from some stupid video game character. He's a fat, nekkid guy in a pig mask that chases you with a chain saw while his weener hangs out.
  7. Get the extra renter's insurance on the rental car. Last week, I destroyed a 2006 PT Cruiser on I15 and had to pay 500 bux for my deductable. If you take a cab from the airport, pay no more than $10 (plus tip, if any) to the south end of the strip. $15 - 20 to the north end of the strip, or to Freemont Street. Demand that the cabbie DOES NOT drive the strip. The timer will eat your wallet alive. There is a tram that runs from MGM to the Sahara. $5 per trip, or $15 multipass for the day. Free tram from Mandalay Bay to Excalibur. If you get the rental car, take a trip to the Valley of Fire ($6.00 per car), up northeast of the NASCAR track on I15. Go see the Hoover Dam in Boulder City (Parking still $5?). Prostitution is legal in Nye county, out west. There's a Wally World and an Albertson's east on Tropicana drive. Buy a case of water and some other beverages, or pay DEARLY at the hotel for your liquid refreshment. Have fun!
  8. piggsy

    Intresting link 12k 410k

    A nice Drag stock.
  9. piggsy

    Russian Over Under SBS (pic)

    NO SHIT! My dad had to get stitches on Monday for the same thing. He fired an old Stevens 12 from the hip, and it opened the action. Unfortunately, it also opened the skin between his thumb and index finger. 10 stitches. We didn't go to the clinic immediately though. He insisted that we stay so he could practice pistol with his weak hand. Amazing. <edit to say nice gun, Tony. You make the best shotguns!>
  10. piggsy

    Talk to me about stove pipes

    Run a few boxes of 3" magnum loads through it. Break her in...loosen her up a little
  11. 5 inches of snow pretty much shuts the schools down in NE Oklahoma. People here just don't know how to drive in the shit. I was lucky enough to be in Dallas one time, when a freak snow shower dumped 3 inches on the roads. You should have seen the CARNAGE!
  12. piggsy

    What is your home defense load?

    I alternate 2 3/4 hollowpoint slugs and 00 buck in a Mossberg 500a, because I don't have an 8 round mag for the Saiga. Tracers for HD? Wow. I would burn my house down with those. Grass fires happen more than rain, where I live.