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  1. No choke from the factory, 12-gauge, cylinder bore is 0.730 inches The Saiga 12 was designed for screw-on chokes. Carolina Shooters Supply sells them individually or in a set of three. https://www.carolinashooterssupply.com/SGM-SAIGA-12-Full-Mod-X-Full-CHOKE-SET-VEPR-12-p/sgm-s12-3pc-choke.htm CSS also sells a Saiga flash hider that is designed to take certain Winchester win-Chokes. https://www.carolinashooterssupply.com/CHOKE-ADAPTER-10-SLOT-SAIGA-FLASH-HIDER-VEPR-p/cncw-choke.htm
  2. Hi'ya @G O B Ya think pinned with faux dimples? It's the military barrel profile barrel, with HG retainer side cuts but no HG retainer top notch. It doesn't eat brass, but I've no plans to reload 7.62x39 anyways.
  3. I'm finally going to have my Saiga 7.62x39 converted to an AK-103, having Middletown Firearms in Virginia do the work. I can't afford to go whole hog, 100% Russian, so I'll be cheating a little with the folder and whatnot. But otherwise going round the bases, with repopulating the barrel, welding all holes, installing a folder and etc. And have it refinished in Russian black paint. Here's a parts list and y'all tell me if I've the bases covered, what you'd change or recommend. Saiga 7.62x39, dimpled, stripped down to a barreled receiver Russian FSB 24x1.5mm RH, ID .571" and hardw
  4. Russian Izhmash Factory, Saiga 12 / Vepr 12 / KS 12, Complete bolt Assembly, NOS Price Drop $300 now $275. Shipped, I take Zelle or PayPal FF (No Comments). "I'll Take It" Followed by PM. Sold As-Is, No Refund/Return. Crossposted, Earliest PM Takes It. This NOS I picked up almost a decade back from Doug at Avtomats in Action. Russian Izhmash factory new and shiny, a few flecks of paint worn off here and there due to handling/moving.
  5. Parts for full conversion of my Saiga 7.62x39 to an AK-103. Yep going whole hog. Gonna have Middletown Firearms do the work.
  6. Good questions, ya have my interest... Shame that this is no longer an alive enough place to get real answers and discussion. I've been thinking about picking one up, I mean hell, they're less than $400. But right now I've a current money pit project, having my Saiga 7.62x39 converted to an AK-103.
  7. A fucking almost 9yr'ol thread! You're a special kind of stupid, aren't ya.
  8. Go to GunBroker and do an Advanced search of Completed listings, that will give what people have actually been paying for them, not asking. It is unfortunate that all the cheap copies have driven the price down, and Saiga 12's no longer garner the same premium as imported AK rifles.
  9. Form 1 eFiled SBR 02/14 Approved 03/14 Aero Precision Complete Barreled Upper, 5.56 / 10.5", threaded, FDE Aero Precision Stripped Enhanced Lower, FDE Aero Precision Receiver Extension, Milspec Aero Precision H3 Carbine Buffer Toolcraft Premium BCG, 5.56, Nickel Boron BCM Gunfighter charging handle, medium latch BCM PNT trigger group BCM LPK BCM GUNFIGHTER QD End Plate Strike Industries AR-15 Anti-Walk Pins B5 Systems SopMod Stock, Coyote Brown B5 Systems Type 23 pistol grip, Coyote Brown B5 Systems MLok Rail Covers, Coyote Brown Streamlight TLR-1 HL, Dark Eart
  10. Back on Feb 14th I efiled a form1 to SBR my new AR pistol, that counts as a purchase... right? Decided to upgrade my Saiga x39 rifle's barrel components, gonna use Toth Tools and RForbus tools to do the job myself. Still trying to find a 90' gas block of either Russian, Bulgarian or Arsenal manufacture. Later perhaps a 4.5mm or 5.5mm folding trunnion and polymer stock, will use a gunsmith for that modification. Russian AK-100 Front Sight Base Arsenal 7.62x39mm Ak74 Muzzle Brake Arsenal .673" Retainer Ring For Lower Handguard
  11. Way way late responding here, but... Damn that's sexy.
  12. Strap? Ya wanna go strapped? Sling? Viking Tactics/VTAC, Blue Force Gear/Vickers or Magpul/MS series Capable of both two and/or one point connections. Padded is nice, but not a must. Magpul MS4 QD is a favorite of mine. I have a few of each mentioned, plus others.
  13. Wish in one hand, shit in the other... all ya get is a shitty hand.
  14. Go to Atlantic Firearms and scroll through the product pictures. Multiple front views. https://atlanticfirearms.com/vepr-12-sgm-25rd-drum
  15. I don't own one, but there are plenty of pics online.
  16. Streamlight ProTac Rail Mount HL-X 1000 Lumen Weapon Light with Tapeswitch Streamlight TLR-1 HL 1000 Lumen Tactical Weapon Light - Flat Dark Earth Brown Magpul M-LOK Aluminum Rail Section - 5 Slot Troy Industries Folding Battle Sight - Front - HK Style - FDE Troy Industries Rear Folding Battle Sight - Aperture - FDE Strike Industries AR-15 Anti-Walk Trigger Hammer Pins Sons of Liberty Gun Works Blaster Starter Kit AR-15 LPK - No Grip/Trigger Aero Precision AR-15 Mil-Spec Carbine Receiver Extension Aero Precision AR-15 Ejection Port Cover Assembly
  17. B5 Systems Sopmod Bravo Stock, Coyote Brown Type 23 P-Grip, Coyote Brown M-Lok Rail Covers, Coyote Brown Aero Precision H3 Buffer Castle Nut BCM QD Endplate Noveske KX3 Flaming Pig Magpul PMag, Coyote Tan
  18. I do not like the the Maxim Defense Brace when shouldered 'incidentally', it bites into the cheek. It's gone. I really like the PDW design for it's compactness, counter balancing weight, ease of deployment and aesthetics. Yep, I admit it just looks cool too. Perhaps I'll SBR immediately and try Maxim's CCS stock. That or just stick with the BCM Mod 0 Sopmod stock I originally planned to use.
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