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  1. G'gosh, I've been on a bit of a small parts buying spree as of late. For instance today I bought the following to go on my last Aero SBR build. Those cheap B5 Systems M-Lok rubber rail covers suck. VZ Recon 3-Slot Rail Cover - M-LOK x 2 VZ Recon 1-Slot Rail Cover - M-LOK x 2 VZ Recon, Inter-Lok Aluminum KeyMod Hand Stops
  2. Due to all the inexpensive domestic and import Saiga clones @pedal2alloy is correct. Now a Russian 8rd is worth more to the right person.
  3. IWI Galil Ace Gen 1 16" 7.62x39 Trijicon ACOG TA-C-400235 ballistic reticle 7.62x39
  4. Thanks! I'm really happy with it, conversion was worth every penny.
  5. Thanks, it's finally the way I always wanted it, a fully restored Russian AK100 series.
  6. Thanks, yes he did. John Sbandi is the in-house, dedicated AK builder at Middletown Firearms. He is quickly making a name for himself at the AKfiles, he's has skills, comparatively inexpensive and has a quick turn around. The rifle is due back to me tomorrow, UPS is usually late afternoon here which means I'll have to wait a week to try her out. But whats another week, by then the PK-01 VS will be here and that'll be icing on the cake.
  7. Hmmmm, and now I can't find them. Probably in buried in a tote, I'll look again when I can.
  8. Thanks, but I'm not the one doing the work. I sent it out, and the builder is sending me pics of the process. Tried to give you the work. I need an AK74/100 safety selector, you have one laying around by chance? I'll buy it off ya. Also, do you still need Saiga hand guards? Believe I've S12 and rifle HGs in a box somewhere. I don't need KUSA HGs in return.
  9. What the hell, lets do this conversion once and for all. AK-103 conversion in progress.
  10. https://www.desertfoxsales.com/Saiga_Gas_Tube_p/dfs-102.htm
  11. You need to buy an original factory gas tube as designed fro the Saiga rifles. I don't recall if if the .308 was different than the 5.56 and 7.62x39. They're out there, look around. I sold one not too long ago on the akfiles.com marketplace, and see them there once in awhile.
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