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  1. Heard it was a SKS from one news source.
  2. Back in January my wife's 3rd Novel was released. Perilous Confessions', the 1st book of an 8 book series, 'The Possession Chronicles. Now the 2nd of the series, 'Murmurs of Evil' is being released and up for pre-order. Free for those with Kindleunlimited and only $0.99 for regular Kindle accounts. Click the link >>> Murmurs of Evil Paperbacks due out soon too.
  3. ChileRelleno

    Looking for a steel vented gas tube cover.

    If you can find one, the standard SKS vented handguard fits.
  4. Vortex Viper PST 1-4x24 - Tmcq Moa Reticle, SFP, Tactical Turrets
  5. I've had a hankering for an AR15 of National Match quality/accuracy. Like a Service or Match rifle complete Upper from a respected builder like Compass Lake or such. Or maybe just buy a complete rifle. Something like an RRA LAR-15 NM A2/A4, or perhaps an Armalite M15A4 NM. There are also a few used guns that fit my criteria Colt AR15 A2 HBAR Sporter setup as a Service Rifle, Krieger barrel 1:7.7, Jewel trigger, double pinned rear, free float match tube, mags, sling and more. Or maybe, maybe I should grab three of PSA's sub $500 ARs and sell them off during the next election/scare. What's a guy to do with such First World decisions? What think y'all?
  6. Couldn't resist a Vortex SPARC II on sale. Saved $50.00 off the regular retail.
  7. 5x 20rd Hungarian Tanker mags RRA LAR15 A4 NM, first on left.
  8. ChileRelleno

    New Toy, Arsenal AK47 SLR-107FR

    Yeah, if I go sharking it'll be short drops with my 6/0 Wide in someone else's yak. Ouch... Life strikes again, BTDT.
  9. ChileRelleno

    New Toy, Arsenal AK47 SLR-107FR

    I haven't acquired a new long gun in awhile and figured it was past time to do so. I looked at my rather long Wish List and decided it was either going to be a AR15NM or an AK47. Several rifles caught my attention but i finally settled on a brand new Arsenal AK47 SLR-107FR. Top of the line Bulgarian stamped goodness, I'm happy as the proverbial pig knee deep in slops. And here she is with the rest of my AK platform long arms. Saiga ver.21 .308, Saiga 12g, Saiga AK47, Arsenal AK47 SLR-107FR
  10. ChileRelleno

    What to Get Next?

    I pulled the trigger on a new RRA LAR15 A4 NM.
  11. ChileRelleno

    What to Get Next?

    No, not my wife, her book money is her's. I've been selling some of my unused items, a Russian SKS, fishing kayak, sharking rods/reels and tackle to fund this purchase.
  12. I fully Baked my new SLR. Mags just came today.
  13. ChileRelleno

    New Toy, Arsenal AK47 SLR-107FR

    Least you can do for sharking? Ha! That adjustable riser has me in your debt, least I could do would be to bring a case of Golden Tiger or M67. And the ver.21 for you to try out your handy work. I'd love to shoot with you on your private range some day, yes'sir. I've the SLR almost fully baked now. Picked up a real nice Bulgarian type 2 bayonet off K-Var and got an Izhmash 30rd Bakelite mag coming in the mail. I always did envy some of the beautiful AKs dressed in Bakelite. Now I'm selling off all my sharking gear and a Russian SKS to afford the AR15NM too. It's a sickness.
  14. ChileRelleno

    New Toy, Arsenal AK47 SLR-107FR

    SLR-107FR Decided I liked it better with a triangle and Bakelite furniture. My thanks to some of the guys in the AKFiles Marketplace. Now to find some nice Bulgy mags and bayonet in Bakelite.
  15. My SLR107FR ^^^ is getting a remodeling. Russian Izhmash AKS-74 4.5mm Triangle Folding Stock Polish Bakelite Pistol Grip Bakelite Hand Guard Set NOS Russian bolt repair kit (Extractor, Extractor Pin, Extractor Spring, FF Firing Pin and Firing Pin retaining pin.)
  16. Picture, price and contributor status. Well... There're so damned few people left here I guess a pic/price will suffice.
  17. ChileRelleno

    TriStar Bullpup shears bolt lug and injures shooter.

    Damn, that's bad enough as is, thankfully not more serious. Watching this to see if more info becomes available.
  18. ChileRelleno

    RIP KrisFox

    Another one bites the dust... RIP
  19. I know where you're coming from, I understand.... But. STFU and stop further incriminating yourself, here and elsewhere. The man said, "keep it", so keep it, your sheriff's department is perhaps 2A friendly? But seriously, STFU about it. Just my $0.02
  20. The man said, "keep it".... Keep it. Fuck the Commies, it is your legal property. Now STFU about breaking anti2A laws. Are you an idiot? I'm half joking with the last comment.
  21. This place is like an old train wreck, gotta stop and look at the wreckage whenever I happen by.
  22. ChileRelleno

    Decisions Decisions

    Wouldn't mind a Polish Tantal AK74, that would be pretty nice. But for now the Bulgarian is great. The SLR107FR is a really nice rifle. It was this or a SAM7 Folding.
  23. Which should I get? Douglas Service Rifle Upper Built by Compass Lake Engineering Barrel Type - Douglas SS 7 twist Chamber Type - Wylde Select Muzzle Type - Post Ban -without flash suppressor or bayonet mount Rear Site MOA Option - 1/4 MOA Rear Sight Aperture - .040 Finish Type (SS Barrels Only) - Bead Blasted Front Sight Post - .050 Pinned Rear Sight - add A4 w/ Detachable Carry Handle - Detachable Carry Handle Upgrade $1,076.00 or Saiga Sporter, 16" 7.62x39 Condition: Used/Very Good Not Converted $810 shipped