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    Guns, drag racing and any other hobby that turn's stacks of dead president's portraits into tire smoke, speed, noise or dinner. (oh yea, I like to fish too)
  1. Is there a commercially availible LRBHO conversion availible yet? Thanks, Paul
  2. Welp, the RED Caddy screen name comes from my other long standing passion, Drag Racing. My current ride is a 225 inch W/base, rear engine dragster (RED) powered by a 500 cuin. Cadillac engine (caddy) It's a bracket car and runs mid 9's at 150 MPH. I race NHRA and IHRA All over the South East. Pro sportsman, Super pro, 9.90 index heads up and Quick 8 Shootouts. (if it pays, I'm in it,LOL) My home track is Bradenton Motorsports Park, NHRA Division 2, South West Florida. Years ago, I posted as "Palma" on some Gun sites, reflecting My passion, at the time, for high power, long range (1000
  3. I had an interesting conversation with another customer in a local gunshop today. We were discussing Saigas and "black guns" in general, when he mentioned that he had seen an AK style weapon, chambered in 22 mag. blacked out with plastic furniture, at a local gun show. He thought it might possibly have been a Saiga, but he wasn't sure of the make or model. I've never seen such a weapon but the thought of an AK in 22 mag intrigues me. Does anybody have more information about it? Does it exist? Is it a Sagia? Who is importing something like this. Thanks, Paul
  4. In this thread, Sounds to me like 3 to 5 MOA performance is pretty normal. Does anybody have any better results or input with a Ruger Mini- 30? The reason I ask is not to stir schitz, I'm looking to buy one or the other, (Saiga/Ruger) more than likely, both. The Mini 30's I'm finding around here are in the $600-$800 range, the Saiga's are half of that. I 'm trying to buy the most accurate one first. Reliability, in my experience, is about the same. Comments? BTW, I have a custom XP-100, in 7.62 X 39 that shoots my hand loads to .7 MOA and Wolf to 1.2 MOA. I believe the cartridge
  5. Go shoot a round of 16 yard trap or 5 stand with the mouse gun, you'll be hooked. I'm still looking for the perfect load, but factory WW Super X 5/8ths OZ. of 71/2's, 3 inch (full choke tube) just smokes 'em from the 16 yard line. YMMV. Are you loading for it yet? PAUL
  6. Hey, thanks for the reply. My MEC charge bar is throwing just over 9/16 Oz of cheap shot, (not very uniform, but ya load what ya got) although the bar is marked for 3/4 Oz. I'm currently loading 13.8 grains of 296 and this is a very close approximation to the factory WW superX 3 in. load, with clay buster wad's. It cycles the saiga just fine, but I want to get closer to the velocity of the 12 Ga. load (1300-1350) if I can, just to minimize the "mental adjustment" required when I change back and forth between guns. (although, I'm now shooting the .410 more than the 12, still breaking good score
  7. I'm tryin' to retrofit my early ('94) Saiga .410 with a BHO/LRBHO. I'm told the 12 Ga. can be made to work. I want to buy a stock one to use and fabricate a few extras. This seem's to be a pretty hot part in the mouse gun ranks. Thanks, Paul
  8. Hey, 58 views X 10 days and not a single reply? I'm a noob to this board so I assumed that a reloading "Q" for the .410 belonged in the "reloading" forum, was I wrong? perhaps I should repost in the .410 section? Thanks, Paul. (if I peed in somebody's wheaties, I'm sorry. Just tryin' to find and share information)
  9. welp, I just dug out the ol' MEC 650, blew off the dust and bolted 'er down, found 300 or so WW 3 in. empty cases and a couple hundred REM. 209 primers, so I'm almost ready to rock N roll. I've got the 3/4 OZ charge bar (302-034) What powder/bushing/wad combination would build a strong field load for the Saiga? My favourite 1 OZ. 12 Ga trap load runs about 1350 FPS (chronographed 6 feet from the muzzle) and I'd like to get the same speed with the 3/4 OZ .410 for a dual purpose load, anybody doing this? will you share your load data? BTW, I found new, primed, plastic hulls at
  10. uh,... what's you question again?? GG, I need some schoolin' and a parts list to upgrade the trigger group and add a bolt hold open (BHO) to my '94 .410. I'm good with the plastic "butt ugly" furniture, but I gotta have a BHO and a good, smooth, crisp trigger. OH, and a couple of good 10 rd mags, (for "social" occasions) and a full set of chokes,(for those days when the birds can't seem to make up thier minds) and a full length, wide rib, (to help my old eyes track together) and a decent sling, and... AH hell, ya know, STUFF. I can see I'm gonna hafta clean up my act t
  11. Hi all, I've spent the last 2 days reading here and I'm amazed at the complexity, diversity and knowledge base of this board. Time for me to jump in with both feet! The good news is I just purchased my first Saiga shotty, a 1994 Big Bear Arms .410 X 3"mag. A lot of my silly newbie Q's were answered in the research I did, but I need a little specific guidance and some picture hand holding on how to go about adding a bolt hold open (BHO) to my new toy. I found her at a local gun show, used and dirty. (I've always been a sucker for a firm feeling', sharp edged workin' girl) She looke
  12. Hey, I just bought the twin to yours, but is also marked 410 X 3" mag. Does yours have a bolt hold open? When I got mine home yesterday, the bolt would stay back if the trigger was held back as the bolt was eased forward, but, slide home if the forend was "bumped". Mag in or out made no difference. I stripped it down and cleaned every thing real well and re-assembled it. Now the bolt will not lock back at all. This is my first excursion into the AK world, N' this puppy don't look nuthin' like the gas opperated stuff I'm well aquinted with (REM. WIN. Colt,Baretta.) Any help you can give w
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