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  1. That should be called a saiga bird cage,,, and a bad lookin one at that...
  2. clifton

    Mag vote

    AGP does it again... I would like a couple more MD 20 drums...
  3. Oil leaking from the Pins or rivits is going to be inevitable if you dont completly strip the Gun,,,,
  4. 1+ for the Chaos rail, also we carry them in stock ready to ship..
  5. Just to clear things up, Yes we are located at the same address and we share a shop, some of the custom work from Elk river they contract to us. and Yes we are a licenced Gunsmith and also a Manufacture of small arms/SBR/PISTOL AK ECT
  6. clifton

    new owner

    Welcome,,,,, to the forum..
  7. It would be best to sandblast it down, and parkerize it, then do what ever you want.
  8. Maybe the owner was faked as well, He could just be a guy who bought it and decieded to sell it thinking it was the real deal... thats why you got to be careful with ebay...
  9. Yep all kinds of ammo havent you seen the pit bull rounds or the flame thrower,,, and dont try to shoot them into a snail in the shop... bad idea..
  10. clifton

    New S-12 Owner

    Welcome to the forum..
  11. Two ports, does not necessarily mean anything.. it depends on the size. I have had many two port guns fire just fine with out any modifications.
  12. Convert or Die,, that is the Necromonger way
  13. I can take care of it for you.. give me a call 713-264-1135
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