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  1. clifton

    one ?

    It would be best to sandblast it down, and parkerize it, then do what ever you want.
  2. clifton

    HELP I'm looking for a S12 Replacement Barrel

    You wernt supposed to stick it in there...
  3. clifton

    Finally got to shoot my S12!

  4. Maybe the owner was faked as well, He could just be a guy who bought it and decieded to sell it thinking it was the real deal... thats why you got to be careful with ebay...
  5. clifton

    New member to the club

    Welcome ,,, Dirty Rice
  6. clifton

    ...Saiga Showdown...

    Yep all kinds of ammo havent you seen the pit bull rounds or the flame thrower,,, and dont try to shoot them into a snail in the shop... bad idea..
  7. clifton

    New S-12 Owner

    Welcome to the forum..
  8. clifton

    New to the forum

    Two ports, does not necessarily mean anything.. it depends on the size. I have had many two port guns fire just fine with out any modifications.
  9. clifton

    I've got a [edit]

  10. clifton

    My Gun...fell apart???

    Convert or Die,, that is the Necromonger way
  11. I can take care of it for you.. give me a call 713-264-1135
  12. clifton

    First post. Need suggestions on conversion

    I think it boils down to the style of trigger guard you would like, there both nice trigger guards ....and eaze of instalation is a plus or you could allways weld, or rivet.
  13. clifton

    Pistol grip conversion?

    check out my site
  14. Strange in a kinda rocket launcher way
  15. boil 16 oz. can of chickpeas for five minutes half a sweet yellow onion, chopped 3 cloves of garlic, squeezed thru a garlic press or chopped fine if you dont have one half a sweet yellow onion, chopped 1 teaspoon coriander 1 teaspoon cumin 3 tablespoons flour Salt half table spoon Pepper on tea spoon. fry each side in a 1/4 of veg oil mix half and half with olive oil,, serve with pita bread or fociatia This is what im making this morning couldent sleep gotta make something new... thanks alot Nailoth for bringing up the cous cous..
  16. clifton

    Welders...share your knowledge please

    +1 if you dont know how to TIG, bring it into a shop I have seen alot of mess Jobs of welding come in with major heat used.
  17. clifton


    its really good made in little patties and grilled, up I had it at Fogo di ciao I think thats how you spell it. good stuff.... Saiga meets the Cous..maybe you could load a shell with it and use it for Less than lethal punishment for zombies and small children
  18. clifton

    The gun bans have started

    Little by little we will lose our gun rights if we dont fight for them... remember we the People Elected these leaders of the unfree world...
  19. dont know man,,, almost gunna have to give up on ACE