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  1. I would take Guns Funs Advice. these things listed should be standard on a quality conversion. Good Luck I have always wanted to own a Blimpies...
  2. Was not bashing you, Just showing a comparison.. Nothing to start over about..
  3. His Local Guy Our Local Guy.. ME... Seriously Though, if you are looking for a gun held together with Cheap parts and screws you can create one pretty easy and pay a gunsmith 85 buck for stoning a trigger, We sell and install a custom trigger for 49...., if you are looking for something More we can create one pretty easy.
  4. Or you can always send it to us..and have a real Saiga...
  5. We market it for the s12. We have and do put them on the s20s that we build. We have tried them on several and they work fine. We do not market it for the 20 because there are many under gassed guns out there, and the Autoplug would not be the magic fix. The autoplug regulates between high and low brass, and uses the gases efficiently Cliff Evans.
  6. Dont know where you got the info not to shoot the slugs. The autoplug was made for a full range of 2 3/4 ammo. Also if your gun is cycling on the setting 1 everything you shoot it still would benefit with the autoplug. The autoplug can adjust in much smaller increments than the standard plug, allowing less gas in your weapon. The autoplug is one of the simplest machines and has very little to be defective. As of this date we have yet to have a defective plug. Please if you would be more descriptive we could help Iron out what problem with the platform you are having.
  7. I do... Works Great...
  8. Your baby is bullet guided up...lol
  9. Not you buddy... for Jeromes info.... jeromes
  10. The autoplug does not have bad threads some times the gas block needs to be chased. We see all kinds of guns and see all kinds of its problems. We chase the threads with a tap on the gas block and it will clear up your issue right up.
  11. I dont think so... Not as much public out cry. No Kids. Already in a Gun Free Zone. Haven't heard Osamabin Biden say anything yet.
  12. WoW... Whhee.. Going into the Gun Business for Retail Guns right now does not sound like a good thing. Market is slow and parts, ammo and accessories are somewhat still kurfunkled.
  13. How about the 20" version in 762x39 - is that available currently, or in the near future? Thanx, Harv No 20 inch.. Sorry.
  14. both above mentioned 450S are out of stock?
  15. We have them in stock as well. 499.00 http://www.tac47.com/store/index.php/saiga-ak-47-7-62x39.html
  16. There is a lot of fitting that needs to be done. It would not be for sale with out the gun in our possession.
  17. She feeds bulk pack, and the trigger is a custom Short Reset Trigger.
  18. Sorry late response. Wolf imported it = A Wolf Chaos came out with a New Verp 12 Rail... = in Chaos Clothing.. We changed the receiver 3 degrees and welded the trunnion, we Polished and profiled and nickled the bolt and carrier, Short Reset Trigger and Left side Charging handle. Chaos Quad, We cut and welded the HK sights and also Cut the barrel and tig welded the break for a 18.25 OAL. Sandblasted, Parkerized and the Coated in Teflon. ..We waiting on a recessed Peep sight for the rear.
  19. Funny, We were at the lake house this weekend, and there was a big nest dangling from the porch light and every time you passed it they all got into attack mode. Well I wanted to get em but nobody wanted to participate needless to say that one of the passer unders was not too fortunate and got nailed on his Neck. There mean little creatures...
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