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  1. I have 5 I'm looking to sell. They are brand new, never used. Am selling the rifle so I want to get rid of them. Would do $50 each shipped. Email me at Stephen.Garrison@verizon.net. Thanx.
  2. I used a Red Star FCG in my Saiga .308 conversion and highly recommend it. I first used the G2 FCG and thought it was garbage. Spend the extra money and get the RS. When ordering, tell them it's for the Saiga .308. I guess there are a couple different types that they sell. I think I bought mine through Powers. Good people.
  3. Are there plans for Saiga .308 factory hi cap mags???? I haven't read anything to that effect. Any information on this will help me. Thanx.
  4. I have been talking to a guy that has an injection molding machine about what it would take to manufacture hi cap mags for the Saiga .308. I've been waiting too long for mags for this rifle and figured I would do a little work to see what it would cost to make these things. What I need to know is what the market would be...how many could be sold in a reasonable amount of time to recover expenses. So if you guys could give me a ballpark estimate. I have much research to do before I would even think about investing in this project so please don't get your hopes up. Just give me an estimate.
  5. Thanx guys...for the compliments. To answer your questions: For the clearcoat, I used the DuraCoat Clearcoat from Lauers. Did not do the one(1) magazine I have because I'm waiting for the 20 rd mags to be available and will do those as well. The reason I did it to my Saiga .308 was the cost of this rifle new. Only paid $290 for the rifle so I figured I could play around with it. Always liked this urban mirage camo look so I just did it. Worst comes to worst, I can redo it back to just black. Already got all the AR stocks I need. I would highly recommend the DuraCoat black, thoug
  6. I bought the kit from Lauer Weaponry for about $100 which included paint and stensils. The project was very time consuming due to the multiple colors. I have a small paint spayer and had to clean it well after each coat. Last coat was a clear coat. It cost me $65 to have it blasted so the project wasn't cheap. Lauer charges about $300 for this type of camo.
  7. Just got done with my Urban Mirage Camo Duracoat project on my converted Saiga .308. Had it blasted first. It took some time. I can now see why people charge what they do for this service.
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