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  1. Thanks for the help. I hope to get out today and try it out.
  2. I have just installed my Gunfixer Gas Plug following the instructions. When I screw it all the way in, it bottoms out just past position # 2, so position # 2 is my first setting. The instructions indicate that after bottoming out the plug, the next 4 counter-clockwise positions are your gas settings. If so, the numbers I would be adjusting to (in counter-clockwise order) would be: #2, #3, -1, +1. In this order....does each further counter-clockwise ajustment past setting #3 (ie: -1, +1) add more gas to the system?? Do I instead take the numbers at face value &
  3. This post got me to thinking. Evidently there are Russian 8 round mags being imported. If these mags, at $100 each, seem like a great deal; could further competition ( ie: individuals who understand the system for importing such items and have the cash to purchase in quantities large enough to get the lowest possible price) cause the price for such mags fall and stabilize at a rate say $50-$70 each? I would love to be able to get involved in such a venture, but I couldn't come close to having the capital to make such a investment. It would seem that a person with the right c
  4. I just contacted them and they are all sold out. )-: I did add my name to the waiting list if more become available. Thanks again
  5. Thanks for the heads-up on the 8 Round Russian Mags.
  6. greeno

    Wolf 1 OZ Slugs

    Thanks for the reply. I'm still trying out different loads to see what works on what setting. I never thought about the powder burn rate. I agree about the Wolf slugs. I've been shooting them for a while in my Moss 500 and I am glad to find they work just fine in my new favorite shotgun (^:
  7. I went to the range today to put some Wolf 1 OZ slugs thru my S-12 to see how they worked. They would not extract on Gas setting # 1, but were good to go on position # 2. Does this seem about right? The gun is still fairly new. It has three gas holes and all seem to be clear. I've worked the bolt about 1000+ times and lubed it well, but only put about 100 rounds thru it. These loads are not high power loads like high brass, but they are higher velocity than trap loads so I would have thought they would have been able to cycle in position 1. Big Picture...I'm not compla
  8. I ordered this one from a company called Adorama. It's a camera store in N.Y. Camera Store
  9. Thanks Frogfoot. I thought some government ruling might be involved.
  10. The company is called Newswear. The chest pouch in the photo is a Men's Medium.
  11. Point well taken. I guess when you look at it that way... It's not too much weight to carry an extra 90 rounds.
  12. Please excuse the stupid question, as I'm sure this has been asked before, but why isn't the IZHMASH factory 8 round mag available in the USA? I see them listed from time to time at $100 plus, so I know they can be had by ordering from overseas. I was just wondering why they are not as available as factory 5 round mags? Is this a compliance issue? If so, wouldn't a conversion with US made parts allow one to use factory 8 round mags?
  13. I don't know how well they would work with 40 round AK mags. There is a lot of room in each pocket so 4 AK mags would probably fit in each pouch (I'm trying to compare the width to three 10 round AGP mags..these fit as if the pouches were made for them) The 40 round AK mag has more of a curve to it. This particular vest was designed by Combat photographers working in the middle east. It is very similar to the chinese AK 47 magazine chest pouch, but made with high quality ballistic nylon with pockets large enough to hold long telephoto and zoom lenses or camera bodies. I bought this
  14. Hey Guys.. I had an idea I thought I'd share. I have a photography chest pouch made by a company named Newswear. They make chest pouches for Digital and 35mm SLR cameras used by photographers in war zones. The Men's medium chest pouch will easily hold six 10 rounds mags split between the two main pockets and six 5 round mags split between the pockets on each side. I understand that's way too much weight to carry, but with all the space, you can configure as necessary. They retail for $90.00.
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