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  1. Damn wish Id actually bought a 16" when they were only $499 now they are asking insane prices still havent cut mine down as there seems to be no definite answer either way as to which is better. All I know is from the 16" 308s I have seen at night they toss a pretty good fireball which implies wasted powder.
  2. I have a Ultimak and hate it, it defeats one one the best qualities of the AK. Once installed tools and time are required to break the gun down for cleaning. Plus it gets real hot and I mean hot it cooked my EOtech causing reticle to fade completely.
  3. How can people watch his videos? He does a 2 hour video on a single knife while creating 45 acronyms that only he understands. The guy is a tool 100% he is a prime example of why I hate google tube, its nothing more than paid commercials now.
  4. I figure I paid $50 per mag, $50 for side rail mount, $150 for butt stock and buffer tube, $75 for parts to move FCG forward, $150 for scope, $50 for bipod so all added up thats over $600 in extras on the rifle, I paid $550 for the rifle to start with so id be losing $150 in the deal which is why I declined. Im just wondering with the problems at the factory if you guys have seen prices increase in your area or if you can even find a 308 saiga 22"
  5. I was at the range today with my Saiga long barrel its pretty much stock. I moved FCG back where it belongs and added an AR style metal buffer tube and butt stock, with side rail and a cheap scope ($150), 3 20 round surefire mags. To the point a guy next to me offered me $1000 for my rifle I declined but took his number. As I dont really care for the long barrel I might sell it to him then buy a 16" what do you all think?
  6. 7.62X39 for 2 legged soft threats/animals 308 for 4 legged threats/animals
  7. My WASRs all shoot great no problems at all dont let the gun snobs talk you out of one. An AK is very basic no need to spend $1000 and up. With the WASR you get side rail, chrome lined barrel, G2 trigger. To me the WASR is the definition of an AK cheap, simple, works enough said.
  8. AKs just are not as inaccurate as everyone thinks (single shot only) the longest range i have ever shot my WASR at has been 300yds and it could ring plates at that distance and that was a very cheap AK with a short barrel. The long barrel 308 is very accurate, the problem with AKs is their sights they outright suck. Toss a scope on and you see huge improvements right away. Once you take the human factor out of the equation it comes down to ammo and barrel I have had all my barrels re-crowned which helped a lot, all it takes is a very small chip to really mess with the bullet.
  9. classicarms is listing the draco as in stock $429
  10. Its a toss up the mini does not have common parts but the regular Draco is so close in length to a standard AK with folding stock it almost doesnt seem worth it to me to spend $450 for the Draco plus $200 to put a stock on it, when I already have an AK with a folder on it that is only 4.5 inches longer.
  11. Everyone seems to think of AKs as not very accurate, my 308 can shoot just as well as my deer rifle @200 yds. This is the longest range near me. Unless you start getting into match grade fluted free floating bull barrels with a super clean trigger the accuracy of all modern firearms is pretty damn good.
  12. im just asking how as the bullet leaves before the carrier hits the receiver so how much more accurate can a bolt be in a single shot situation?
  13. im talking about a single shot, if you do rapid fire then yes I could see the weight of the bolt carrier hurting accuracy. but on a single shot the bullet leaves the barrel before the bolt carrier slams against the receiver
  14. Question why is a manually operated bolt more accurate than a semi-auto? I understand that the bolt carrier slamming against the receiver does effect accuracy.But id think that by the time the bolt carrier slammed against the receiver the bullet will have already left the barrel of say a 16"-20".
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