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  1. Welcome to the best shotgun forum in the world! Give the drum some workouts (load/unload...looad/unload) it should loosen up for you. Mine did. Getting 20 no problem in there without causing pain and suffering to the fingers. I tell ya this, it unloads a helluva lot faster then it loads...if you know what I mean!! Get some pics out there when your done.
  2. Nailbomb, You win the prize for picking up on the RW&B. Reasoning to do it because it was one of the last things to do to make the project successful for me. Not to mention that's about all that's on the shelf for ammo these days that won't break the bank.
  3. My name was born just a few days before Christmas when Aces & Eights HD called to tell me she was delivered. My wife and I figured we hit the JCKPT (Jackpot).
  4. Well finally got this puppy to spit out the cheap light loads. I found that the Winchester Universal Bulk U128 was the worst to eject for me. And when I say the worst, I mean 9 of 10 would FTE. If that good. Check this post of mine and you'll see what I have invested. http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?showtopic=38935&hl= I feel the combination of the polishing, Gunfixers Improved Gas Plug, #2 Competition Reduced Power Recoil Spring and the Improved Gas Tappet from King Armory did the trick. So I loaded the drum and all my mags with the cheap stuff and headed to the range. Ran the drum in first, chambered the first round pulled the trigger and.......shit....didn't eject.....crap.... . Dohhhhh.....had the gas plug set on the minus one. Set it on 3 pulled the trigger again. Last thing I remember (4 seconds later) was a huge cloud of smoke and an empty drum and a destroyed target. HELL YA!!!!! FYI, I do have 3 unobstructed gas holes. So ladies & gentlemen, don't give up. Improvise, overcome and adapt.
  5. Well, where to start...thanks to all for the wonderful posts full of knowledge, suggestions and inspiration for the love of the gun!! All in all it went fairly well. I am average to above average on being handy with tools. Definitely a plus for this project. Here goes with the list of ingredients. 1. From Chaos (way cool stuff)! * Warthog Brake & Barrel Nut $84 * Pistol Grip $59 * Gas Piston $35 * Quad Rail $266 * PorkyPine $130 2. Ace * 8.5" Skelton Stock $65 * 1" recoil Pad $12 * Folding Mechanism $65 3. Tapco Trigger group G2 Single hook $30 4. Tromix Trigger Guard DIY $45 5. Tapco Axis Pin Retaining Plate $12 6. MSA Internal Stock Adapter $45 7. 25% Reduced Main Spring $15 8. Gunfixers Improved Gas Plug $35 9. CAA 5 Position Laser/Flashlight Mount $27 10. MD-20 Drum $260 11. Surefire 8 & 12 round $49 & $55 12. CAA Grip with inserts $38 13. AIM Halo site $29 14. iTP C10 Flashlight $55 That's most of the major stuff. I'm afraid to add it up.... I did the polishing as recommended in various posts. Guns cycles well except for the Wal-Mart bulk. I refuse to give up on it thou. It still packs enough punch that I would not want to be on the business end of it. So I will make it cycle, one way or the other. It will probably try the 25% Reduced recoil spring to see if that helps. I have 3 unobstructed gas holes by the way.
  6. I have the ITP C10. Got it at a gun show for 55 bucks, new in the box. Bright as shit and love the features. It has infinite adjustable brightness. strobe light, and SOS signal light. I use it in the 1 inch adjustable angle CAA mount. Love that too!! http://www.itplight.com/product_show.asp?id=170 LED type:Cree 7090-XR-E Q5, life span up to 50000 hours Reversed polarity protection Made of aerospace grade aluminium alloy Ergonomic design for various functions Hard finish with Type Ⅲ anodization Reflector:half smooth and half orange peel Optional adjustment for any brightness and keep memory function,selects any output level from 6lumen to 230lumen and lockout present memory Working voltage,range from 3.0V to 8.4V Compatible for 2*CR123A,2*Rcr123A Constant current output control system Forward switch,illumination and momentary-on modes Size: L 120mm(4.72'') ,D 27mm(1.06''), W 100g(excluding battery)
  7. You talking about this? If so that is your hammer main spring. This keeps tension on the hammer until the trigger is pulled. The one on the right is the stock one. You can get one from CSS like the one the left.
  8. In short, the fitting involves some very minor/minute filing for it to lock in place (if it doesn't out of the box). Just be careful to file a little then test, file a little then test.....till it locks in tight.
  9. It happened as soon as I installed IE 8. Othere site are still working ok with logins. Granted I have tried every one. I tried to do a system retore but that failed for every restore point I have. Freakin Vista. I stepped back down to IE 7 but still have the issue. I am able to use IE 7 from another PC and login with no problems. I suspect there was registry damage done that I may need to look into. I'm open to suggestions. Thanks I'm taking my other pc up to IE 8 to see if this triggers the problem under XP as well as Vista.
  10. My firefox works fine, But I am part of a IE shop and that is what I support. After I do enter my username and password I do redirect to the "thanks" page and then the redirect back to the home page but not logged in. hmmm... Home_page.bmp login.bmp
  11. Is anybody else having an issue logging in using Internet Explorer 8. When I drop my username and password in it just cycles without logging me in.
  12. Works ok for me. But buy a box and try it out b4 you load up to the gills on it. Every gun my cycle differently.
  13. How did you screw up??? You have the Saiga-12!!
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