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  1. That is a total insult to the family's of the LEO's who laid there life on the line......just doing their job.
  2. Dang why did I read this thread??!!!??? No excuse now for not buying a 308.......Now where did did I see those cheapFAL mags??????
  3. Yes "cirled the wagons" is a good strategy but I do not think it has come to that yet......I do beleive being a good citizen and american has more to do with working to keep the country fair for all, I did appreciate your points about inflation living wages. We do not just retreat from injustice and undemocratic actions they must be faced up to and challenged, that is our right and we must all exercise them....yes the system has been used and abused for sure........it's up to us all to say "it stops here" and build a future we can be proude of. With all due repect SOPMD that might suit you but my concerns are for my children my kin my neighbours I want them to have a good life to grow into in a strong, free country, I have had that oppertunity and only wish that to be preserved for the generations to come, they will make what they will of it ....but they deserve the oppertunity...not some crippled debt ridden husk of a country raped and abused by banksters.
  4. Stimulating the economy is a good thing....but think Obama is busy with the economy and conflicts (or he should BE!!!!) these are the major issues we should concentrate on.......90% tax for the greedy, self centered AIG people is just what is needed as well as supporting our troops in foreign climes.......lets not mess around give our boys all the tools and get the job done and come home. Then lets all work to get America working again....heard a great thing on radio today professor from Stanford saying just cut off gready sick banks (protect individual investors money) start new banks>>>>no old, toxic debts>>>all the capital money we put in can be used to loan out and get to work and won't get snatched by any old sick company>>>all risks will be known and best results for intervention has been shown when federal reserve has "fronted" like a new bank!!!! Made a lot of sense to me.....am I off topic??......My 2 cent worth Obama got a hell lot more to worrie about than gun control maybe NRA etc should reminde people in power that they got a lot bigger "issues" to deal with.
  5. Been trawling this forum for information on a conversion project for a few weeks, thought it was time to join the ranks and declare my addiction and intrest in these weopans: Step 1 to recovery>>>admit you have a problem.........gulp.......... My name is Stu and I have a Saiga problem.... I have bought 3 Saiga .223's.......... 2 of them are in bits in my garage/workshop........ I think about them all the time........ I look for "lewd" images of Saigas on the net........ I search for attachments and parts for them at every oppertunity....... I get up in the middle of night and leave my wife in bed to fondle and polish a bullet feed............. Does this mean my marriage is over? Will I ever own another firearm again?? Will I start speaking Russian and wearing furry hat's??? Just thought I would say Hi and thank all the members for the very informed and accurate information posted........BUT still I am worried about the above. Concerned of Virginia
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