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  1. The JT Extended Mag Release is not for sale anymore, I can't find it. My roommate must have thrown it away like a dumb a$$. So the price is reduced for the remaining items to $95 shipped.
  2. Tomix FCG, JT Ext. Mag Release, JT Reduced Power Main Spring, and AK SAW Pistol Grip all for $125 shipped. JT_extended_mag_release.bmp JT_reduced_power_spring.bmp SAW_pistol_grip.bmp Tromix_FCG.bmp
  3. I sold my Saiga. The guy who purchased my gun didnt want the drum. So all i have left is the drum. Its sold through gunbroker.
  4. The drum is brand new, never used or loaded but it has been fitted to the Saiga. All the work of fitting is done, it is ready to load and shoot. Im asking $250.00 plus shpping. Gunbroker listed http://www.gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewItem.asp?Item=130278582
  5. Cobra, its the same as CSS sells. Just didnt like the way it felt on my gun.
  6. Saiga 12 parts: *New* Factory Saiga 12 buttstock - $25.00/shipped *New* Factory Saiga 12 handguard - $25.00/Sold *New* Surefire Gen.1 Saiga 12 Handguard - $60.00/shipped *New* SAW rear pistol grip w/screw - $20.00/plus shipping-----------*SPF* *New* Buffertech Saiga 12 buffer - $15.00/Sold Other stocks: *New* Remington 700 short action SPS stock w/beaver tail forearm - $75.00/shipped *Used* ATI SKS Fiberforce Dragonuv stock and forearm - $35.00/shipped *Used* Factory wood SKS stock and forearm - $75.00/shipped Misc. items: *New* ASP 16" expandable baton - $60.00/shipped *New*
  7. I have still have some Saiga 12 parts. All items with include shipping to move them..
  8. Hey Mike. I have a two port gun. I dont want to sell it since i have converted it already. But i would use it as a ginny pig. Send me one of your tappets and ill test the low brass shells for you. I can film the results also.. Are they designed similar to the King Armory tappets?
  9. I may can get my hands on a few if there enough people who want one. $400 a piece. Let me know who is all interested.. Thanks
  10. Here is the Leapers Quad-Rail. Its gonna be out around the end of the month or first of April. Retail is $99.95
  11. Someone willing to sell/trade, or whatever..... Ill make it worth your while. As long as its within reason. Thanks
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