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  1. proal

    smokey slugs.

    I have shot the exact same slugs & never been smoked out buy them
  2. After fitting to my gun, i had to use the cork fix to get my promag to work. Sounds like im glad i didnt have to "try" to use the warranty. I would not recomend a promag nor will i ever buy another one.
  3. yes, it is normal, you dnt have to eas the action on it, just let er go and it will fully close. setting 1 for high brass setting 2 for low brass you can try low brass on setting 1 but probly "fte" fail to eject Real hard on the gun shooting high brass on setting 2 hope i helped, i sure other peeps will chime in if i dnt explain well enough
  4. I used the dimple method to solve this problem, got a little off on the saftey one but got it to work.
  5. This happened to me last time i was out, i to have the tromix fcg. It only happened twice tho, out of 140 rnds, one while using wally world 2 3/4" #8, the other using #2 3" remington bird. It only happened when i was trying to bumpfire. I dnt know what it is either. I am pretty positive it has nothin to do with gas settings, on my three hole, because it does cycle just fine, "well it stove pipes on setting 1 with low brass as it always has, and should as i understand" just seems like fireing pin dnt strike or somethin, because the two that failed to fire i did rechamber and they shot fine. I d
  6. proal


    i got it to i was all ready to help
  7. http://store.carolinashooterssupply.com/se...-and-Links/Page Same thing happened to me. I used the same video, i never got the retaining plate to work, even tried to modify it. Lucky the fcg i got came with the sheperds crook and it been workin just fine. Yep, i spent a long ass time also, got all kinds of frustrated, all because i wanted to use the retaining plate. I know a lot of peeps use the plate, but they need to modified and cobra sells modified ones. The sheperds crook been just fine tho. Ya i couldnt find a video or easy install on the retaining plate. I even trided to notch out
  8. proal

    empty shells

    I know i cant find any! open sand/gravel pits around anymore, they were a dime a dozen when i was a kid. So the couple places i have found to shoot at, for free that is, i make sure to pick up all my hulls, and brass. The hulls easy to pick up, my revolver's shells way easy, now the semi's i try my best to get them all. "Pack it in pack it out" Now if i had enough property to have my own range, i would'nt pick any of them up. I would make my kids. lol hehe
  9. Mad props on your conversion and thanks for the killer write up
  10. well i read this thread and went for it, eventualy i want to go with a gali style handgaurd, but till then. dremel, drill and painters tape and this is how it came out. what u guys think ?
  11. ya lot of s12 mags there, no room for the poor little xd. Nice get up tho.
  12. my tromix fcg from css came with a sheperds crook, luckly since i couldnt get the retaining plate to work. ya have fun chilerelleno, i regret waiting as long as i did.
  13. Mine does the exact same thing, before and after conversion and polishing. Remember that the S-12 is not a "handle with kid gloves" gun. It's a "slap it on the ass and get me a beer bitch" type of firearm. Pull the bolt back and let her fly. She'll do fine. LOL nicely putt bear8u hehe
  14. ya i ordered 2 for my conversion and found they were to short, i just used my old ones. im surprised css said they wont affect performance of gun, but if used u will have two sumwhat holes showin on the side of your reciever the other part i ordered and dnt end up usin was the tapco axis retaining plate, UMMM YAAA, they dnt just drop in to the s12, cobra sells modified ones. i would like to give mass props to carolina shooter supplies, i ordered my parts and they were at my door with the quickness. parts were here before i could get my gun tore down and preped ready for conversion.
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