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  1. Hey, my account still works! lol Hi guys, good to see some old familiar names. I still check in every once in a while. Haven't pulled the S12 out of the safe in some time.... even so I was just thinking I should buy a couple of CSSPECS metal mags for it. That would give me an excuse to go shoot it to test the new mags.
  2. Eagle Arms Armalite heavy barrel M-15 (AR-15) I've had my .22lr AR for a while now, but have been itching for a "real" AR for a long time. Seems like a good time.... I think my go-to rifle would be an x39 AK, but I think it would still be good to have the AR in the collection.
  3. I saw some Smoke on the Water once..... turns out some stupid with a flare gun burned the place to the ground.
  4. I've seen those pointless reviews as well and thought the same thing. Don't remember what gun it was but saw one of those reviews on Bud's. "Haven't shot it yet, but it's awesome!"
  5. Most small biz will dry up in these areas and there will be nothing left but Walmart, gas stations, and McDonalds all charging twice what they do now. It's going to get BAD if this $15 min wage catches on everywhere. Then the "urban youths" will be screaming they need $25/hr to make ends meet.
  6. Picking up an XD Mod2 .45 on Saturday that's been on the list a while. Got a good deal, Sportsmans Supply has been dumping them on Gunbroker. Still thinking of a PTR-32 and maybe a piston AR. ETA: Forgot that I should really get a couple of csspecs S-12 mags too. Also need mags for some rifles.
  7. This sounds about like something Cuomo would announce on April 1st. Except he would really mean it, no joke.
  8. Nice! I'm itching for something new and a WASR is on the list of choices.
  9. My wife thinks it's April 1st every day, she's always teasing me by making me think I might get something. I want It!
  10. No story on this? With the low voltage wiring and bright LED lights we have these days, that could be a lamp and also a fully functional weapon hidden in plain sight. The base could contain a 12V power supply and use that very fine stick-on mylar ribbon cable on the AK. It would be almost invisible and peel right off. A chromed finish would be better with that decor though. Edit: On closer look the AK looks fake, but I still like the idea of doing a real one.
  11. Both hilarious and yet very very sad. Way too uptight bunch of young people. The few who laughed looked like they were feeling guilty to be laughing. The few who understood that their leftist beliefs were being challenged looked truly insulted and scared because they had no commie leader present to tell them what to think and to have the dog puppet arrested for offending them. A room full of psychologically damaged and controlled young people. They are the future commie zombies who will be running things.
  12. Why the hell do they need our money when they can print all they want anyway?
  13. Yep. When a govt. agency comes right out and says, "We don't care what the law is.", how do they think citizens will respond? If laws don't matter, then that applies to citizens too right?
  14. If you are ever involved in a self-defense shooting, keep your yapper shut and talk to your attorney before making any statements to police. Citizens do not have the right to "shoot to wound" as police do. The self-defense rights you have vary in every state and locale but in general you are allowed to use lethal force to stop a threat where you are afraid for your life or serious injury or to that of another person. You shoot to stop the threat. Whether the perp dies or not is irrelevant. But your choice to use lethal force must be justified. If you state that you were just trying to wound the perp and then he dies, then there's the question of maybe you didn't really need to use lethal force if you were just trying to hurt him without killing him. And now you killed him. Uh oh. I believe it's also illegal for citizens to use any kind of "less lethal" ammunition like bean bag rounds. (May depend on your state/locale) You need to be fully aware of the legal aspects of a self-defense shooting before you get involved in one. I'm not an attorney, so take my advice for what it's worth..... Also, just from a self-defense tactics standpoint, I don't think it's a great idea to aim for the pelvis, or knees, or toes.... you aim for center mass. They will teach you that and state that over and over again for a reason in a bonafide self-defense course. Something like this one, I'd imagine. Patriot..... there is a huge amount of WTF going on in that pic! lol
  15. Impressive skills.... reminds me of this old video. (70's soundtrack is awesome! lol) . Another one of my favorite chopper vids. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=O5ElGt6iAYw
  16. Merry Christmas too all! May your wives and girlfriends all be happy with your package tomorrow!
  17. Sorry to hear that. I was torn up when we lost our last canine buddy too.
  18. Yep, the media and the Bloomberg crowd always say that it's "fantasy" to think a concealed carry holder could actually ever stop a crime. Then they flat out ignore the many stories that prove them wrong. What it comes down to is they don't care if they are wrong and illogical in their views. And it's not even that they hate guns. They want the government to have guns, they just don't want you to have guns. They want the government to use their guns to take away guns from citizens. The left think they are special and they know better about everything. And they are willing to cheat, lie, and use force to get their way. They are evil and truly dangerous.
  19. I do this crap FOR A LIVING. Ok, my mistake. I inferred that you had one based on this comment: " the bad: 1. Awkward programming, period. I was able to get the basic stuff without even reading the manual, but it was more confusing that my old Icom 24AT was to set up. The manual is not too bad, to get the basics from, but that's about it." So you apparently handled one, programmed one, and looked at the manual. Please pardon my sin of assuming you have one. >>I do this crap FOR A LIVING. Congratulations. I do IT computer work for a living, but I don't come down on people for having opinions on computers and for talking about them. Try some decaf dude, seriously.
  20. That was a lot of water. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1997_Red_River_Flood_in_the_United_States
  21. Found this on Amazon feedback about the BF-F8HP: "Durability: The little radio has proven to be quite rugged. In a wet environment, it holds up quite well. I left the window of my lory open and it rained that night. The next day I saw the radio wet. I dried the outside and expected the worse. I turned it on and it worked flawlessly. It is not advertised as water resistant, but it sure held up well to a steady light rain for about four hours. The antenna takes a hit quite often and it flexes right back. The SMA base does not even notice the hits to the antenna. I have often thought that the radio has broken after a good hit, but no. If it does break, save the remains for parts and buy another. It is not a £300 pound Kenwood. Buy two anyway." Edit: Had to post this one too.... lol "This radio is amazing. It works very well. Plus, it fell out of my Arctic Cat UTV and landed in wet/watery mud. I then ran over it and squashed it down in to the mud. I thought it was a goner. I took it home and cleaned it up with alcohol and a tooth brush and it still works perfect!"
  22. Some of that Katrina stuff was unreal. It looked like old WWII film with all of the Gestapo door kicking and punching old ladies in the face kind of thing. I'm kind of amazed there was no immediate push back to that except later in court. In regards to HB's question..... I'll evacuate if and when I decide to, not before.
  23. Yep, I'm aware of the possible legal issues on these. IMHO, it's not going to be an issue at all if you are using it on ham bands and not goofing off. Wait.... didn't you say you have the BF-F8HP? Is this a "Do as I say, not as I do" thing? BTW... what about Ham's who build their own radios? They xmit with them and the equipment has not been FCC certified.
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