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    Weird trigger problem

    Mine did the same thing before I converted it. It also had the upward swing on the trigger movement. It was like squeezing pliers and wouldn't fire until I released the trigger. It's really too bad they are a very handy rifle as they come from the factory. Of course mine is a lot handier now that it has a folding stock and pistol grip, the trigger pull is better too since it was replaced with a "normal" AK trigger.
  2. skx762

    Saiga .308 hi-caps likely post-AWB?

    I disagree with the mag being a single stack, mine is definitely double. It is pretty narrow on the front though. I have heard that an unacceptable amount of the front trunion must be milled away to go with other magazines. There was a picture posted of a Saiga rifle on this site that used M14 mags. I believe when I looked at it before, G3 and M14 mags were the safest bet for AKs because they had been used before for the Yugo and Israeli .308 AKs. I never had a chance to compare them close up and the only picture I have seen or rumors I have heard are for modifications to M14.
  3. skx762

    Saiga vs. Norinko

  4. skx762

    Saiga vs. Norinko

    I have a Norinco SKS, the quality is OK. I have never read anything bad about the .223 AKs other than the magazines can be interesting. Some .223 mags you can use and some you can't from what I have read. The real reason I wanted to answer this post is, what do you see as hard or expensive about converting a Saiga? I just did my .308 and it wasn't too bad. I am putting money away for a .223 now. I shopped around and waited for bargains and when I had all the pieces I went to work with a Dremel like all the web pages told me to. (The voices in my head helped too). Lots of help on the web, keep your eyes open for good deals and shoot it the way it was imported until you get all the parts. If you have a good deal on the Norinco, buy it and the Saiga. See, I solve all your problems.
  5. skx762

    Saiga 308 FCG and other newbie questions

    1. I just did a pistol grip modification to mine to get a better trigger. The best description I have heard of the factory trigger is that it is like squeezing a pair of pliers. The trigger is about 3 inches long from front to back and that is why it is weird. 2. I am very happy with the accuracy of my rifle, I just have to see if it still shoots as good as it did before I pistol gripped it. I think it was about 2" with open sights at 100 yds, Winchester Silvertips. Don't know if I could do that every time though. Mine has the 18" bbl and now has a pinned Romanian folder and Grenade launcher recoil pad. I hope to find out this weekend how it shoots now. I know I could do better with more shooting and better sights (scope).
  6. skx762

    Saiga gas piston

    From what I have seen on the web, the trigger difference in the .308 means different cuts in the reciever. There is a long groove behind the AK trigger hole for the Saiga trigger. I cut the hole for the pistol grip today and will be fitting the trigger guard as well. I really need a three corner file but will leave the cut a little rough for now while I do the trigger guard. Maybe I will get into town today for whatever else I need. I plan on sticking with the shepherds crook but may cut it like you are suggesting. I have a spare if it doesn't work out. I may try to get the piston off today as well. I will not be drilling a hole for the front of the trigger guard, I may want to switch to a whole new trigger guard and mag catch assembly later on. I don't want my Saiga looking like Swiss cheese. I will just tuck it under the trigger guard for now. I thought about cutting a slice off the piston too, I will try it the way it is for now. The magazine holds eight round which I think is plenty for my budget. I would like to modify it to ten but am a little nervous about what I have read versus what is truth. It isn't that people lie, it's that they don't include details. I think it was almost four or five months after the first .308 had been modified before anyone mentioned that the hammer was different and that the Saiga safety didn't always work withthe new FCG. I don't want to modifiy the magazines only to find out the follower tips and I have ruined an expensive magazine for a lousy two more rounds.
  7. skx762

    Saiga .308 enters the conversion phase

    I got an answer on my post on the General Saiga part of the forum, Mrapathy2000 said he thinks the piston is just peened to hold it in place and that there is no pin. When I looked at mine I thought that the pin might have been welded in because of the indents, but they do look like pressed in dimples. I will try to drill out the dimples and that should do it even if they are pinned. I am using a Romanian stock so I have to go for the extra part. Pistol grip, three FCG pieces and the gas piston. The issue is that the Saigas are based on a newer AK and some things are different, like the length of the piston being shorter. A lot of the stuff on the web is for AK47 or early AKM based rifles. More later, how's your s going? Did you get it back yet?
  8. skx762

    Saiga gas piston

    Never thought about them being dimpled in. It sure looks like that is what was done though now that you mentioned it. I will drill them out. I really appreciate the input. I will be using a Tapco piston too, I haven't heard of any problems with them although they are a bit long. It's what I have left over from a set I bought a long time ago. I am trying to hold to a budget or I would have went with a FAC Krink stock, I really like them more than the wire stock but it will be nice to have a folder after Nov. Just a heads up, I had to get a different disconnector spring to get my G2 trigger to work. I went a head and got another safety also just in case. I am cutting the pistol grip hole tonight, sure hope the trigger slot doesn't affect it too much. I also know I have to check the hammer fit to make sure it clears the cross pin. Has anyone tried to find a stripper clip attachment for Saiga .308 mags to see which ones would work? FAL, H&K or M-14?
  9. skx762

    Do Saiga's have a removable op rod?

    I tried that "straight pull action" with my SKS and when my daughter (11 at the time) complained about it, I checked it out myself. It seemed to recoil more with the operating rod out. I reassembled it to semi-auto and she fired it without a single complaint. I guess it makes sense, the gas operation soaks up some of the shock.
  10. Someone on the Ak47.net had a diagram like that quite a few months back where they did exactly what you said. I guess it worked, if you had the time, money and spare trigger parts you would probably be safe in expirementing. I don't know if a "search" on the site will bring it up as it has been quite awhile. They had a diagram with measurements.
  11. skx762

    Is it a Saiga?

    I think the Saigas are only like $160 from CDNN, $400? Whew, what a mark up. They must be pistol grip modified.
  12. skx762

    Modded Saigas

    For those of you interested in thumbhole Saigas, Mriddick is selling both of his on gunsnet. His were some of the first to be done, he has already sold the 22". They have both types of American thumbhole stocks, the picture is good reference. I had never seen both types together and I definately think I may go with the top one when I mod my .308. Looks like the best way to get a good trigger on a .308. http://www.gunsnet.net/forums/showthread.p...threadid=138435