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  1. Hi Guys/Gals, I've been a long time member of this forum, but I haven't posted much. I read and learn from the help of everyone here...so thank you all. I've owned a Saiga .308 for quite a while now. I've always wanted to convert it, but never had the tools or the time. I finally decided to go for it! This is what I came up with. Here are the parts I used: Carolina SS tri rail ,and top rail handguard Mississippi autoarms receiver block Red Jacket stock with ACE recoil pad (1/2") Hogue pistol grip UTG foregrip dinzag deluxe conversion kit
  2. I had the same problem with my scope mount falling off. I tried everything, and it turned out that it was the wrong scope mount for the Saiga. It was a long time ago, and I can't remember what weapon this mount was designed for...but it was a side mount unit.
  3. Is this still for sale? If so, please meail me: switlikbob AT hotmail . com
  4. I like Johnny Walker black as a mixed whiskey. All of the scotches mentioned are great too, but a bit hard on the wallet.
  5. Sorry for the really late reply. I had 4 misfires out of the 3000 rounds. Other than that, no corosion and the rounds were accurate as hell. 2 inch groups at 200 yrds iron sighted...
  6. I have shot 3000 rounds of this .308 ammo: .308 Ball, Mixed head stamps. The countries of manufacture are; Belgium, Israel, Portugal, and U.S. manufactured during the 70's and 80's, 147 gr. BT bullet,BE & BO *,NC. Stock No. 2021, $109.00/1000 (In Stock) Stock No. 2022, $65.00/500 (In Stock) www.southernammo.com Shipping to NJ is $17 for 1000 rounds
  7. I noticed that too...it seems like every 1 of 3 gets some kind of dent after the shell ejects...and sometimes the shells hit me in the left hand...especially on my ring finger finfernail...and that shit hurts!
  8. Hey Guys...I finally shot about 250 rounds of that ammo I got from southern ammo and it was fine! No problems! Some of the rounds seemed to be a bit more powerful that the others, but all in all they were fine...
  9. So guys, what are my options as far as a higher capacity magazine? Any suggestions? Links?
  10. Can someone who knows how to do this conversion please post it or send a link to the conversion? I looked through the site (as the search function was not working) and I couldn't find anything...thanks!!!
  11. You are correct, sir...It said Belarus on the side...so, wha tthe hell do I do with this thing if I have to buy another one?
  12. thanks for the info...now all i need to do is find a 15 round .308 mag...any help on that would be appreciated...
  13. I was wondering what the legal limit of rounds in a magazine is for NJ. I feel like it should be more than 8 rounds / mag. Is it 10 or possibly more?
  14. I just got my new shipment in from southern ammo...the rounds look good, but some show their age...I'll be popping some of them off this weekend...I hope...it's freakin' snowing in NJ right now, so we'll have to see how the weather is at the range this weekend...I'll let you know how the rounds perfom...
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