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  1. I know one thing...theres a HUGE diff btwn a sworn LEO and a guy with a security guard license. Dont tell me its the same, or even CLOSE to the same...cause its not....So don't claim otherwise.
  2. Guess it's all a matter of respect. guy who undergoes a 24-26 week training for a job...must abide by strict rules, requirements, PT requirements, etc..and is a SWORN OFFICER vs some random guy who has ZERO credentials and requirements/PT requirements and babysits kids at a HS with what...a 6 hr class required by state? I took a pistol safety course for NYS for my CCL, doesnt make me some bad ass operator.... also got my Type 03 FFL...doesnt mean I am a full fledged 01 FFL dealer or SOT or somethin way above it.
  3. wow you guys comparing a school security guard to a sworn LEO.... thats funny $hit right there....
  4. that Saiga will kick ass when you shoot 7.62x39 rounds through a .223/5.56 rifle! 2 sets of kneepads > 1 set of kneepads for taktikoolness and yeah, whats the job?
  5. Looking to buy a new 7.62x39 or .223 Saiga..im looking for a decent deal. I live in NY State. Thanks in advance
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