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  1. Okay, so it's an open choke! Thanks for typing all that. Very helpful. Guess I won't have to hide the flash from squirrels and coons.
  2. Can someone tell me what kind of choke comes on the Saiga 12 from the factory? I never thought about it until I decided to use it to kill varmints. I plan to use #4 shot at up to 60 yards, and I might try #6 on squirrels.
  3. The Ebay die arrived, and I got the threads fixed. They weren't even close to right. I feel like going to the Saiga factory and demonstrating their product on whoever threaded the barrel.
  4. I didn't know they came in years. I figured they were all the same. I think I got it in 2008.
  5. These guns never run out of surprises. Chris Bonesteel says I can send the flash hider back if I can't get it to work. I guess I should look into a die. There is no way I can fix this on the lathe. At least I don't think so.
  6. I got a Bonesteel flash hider for my Saiga 12. It looks great, but it doesn't seem to like the threads on the end of the barrel. It won't screw on completely. Can anyone tell me if they've had a similar experience? I don't want to force it and ruin the threads, so I haven't applied much torque. Applying oil hasn't helped.
  7. In response to this thread, a business member sent me strange, persistent messages, asking for photos of the handguard and claiming he wanted it for his own use. I thought this was odd, since I made it pretty clear that it was destroyed. Finally, when I told him I hadn't photographed it before throwing it out, he revealed his real motivation. He accused me of "trashing" the manufacturer with a "rant." It seems pretty obvious that he never had any interest in the handguard; apparently, he was hoping he could use the photos to "prove" the handguard was great, and that I was an evil person for cr
  8. The UAG is installed. I had to do a very small amount of filing on the tab that goes into the receiver, probably due to vodka-influenced receiver specs, but other than that, it went on easily, and it's going to do exactly what I want. A very nice product. The (name redacted in response to troll attack) still bewilders me. It never had a chance of fitting this gun. Now I have to do something about all the finish damage from the (name redacted in response to troll attack).
  9. I got this thing installed. It's not beautiful, but it will work. A long time ago I started making one from steel. I should finish it and toss the aluminum. I recently bought an AMD65 rifle. I like the folding mechanism. I think I should look the guns over side by side and see if there is any possibility of putting something similar on the Saiga. The screws that came with my adapter are larger than the holes in the receiver. I had to open the holes up.
  10. Sorry for not being specific. It's a Saiga 12 shotgun. The handguard was an (name redacted in response to troll attack). I don't know if it was warped or what, but it was useless. Wouldn't go on from the front, the back, at an angle--nothing. I decided to replace it with a UAG. I haven't tried installing it yet because I put the original handguard back on the gun, and it got stuck. I am aware that Google works. Thank you for that helpful tip. I felt that it would be wise to ask for advice from people with experience rather than choosing the first thing that popped up on Google.
  11. Does anyone make an aftermarket foregrip that actually fits? I bought a handguard from...okay, I'll delete the company name to avoid trouble. Anyway, it would not go over the barrel and gas tube. People told me it might have to be "sanded" a little, or some such. I ended up putting it on the milling machine and taking so much material off, the upper edges got so thin, they cracked. It's STILL too tight. It's very clear that this thing was never right to start with. Surely someone makes one that comes close to fitting. I need something that has rails.
  12. I don't have a stick welder. Just MIG. May post some photos.
  13. I ended up with Hogue furniture and a foregrip I found on Amazon. I regret getting the Hogue handguard, because it flexes slightly, and the laser is mounted on it, so the dot can move a tiny bit. It doesn't really matter; the laser is for close-up work, and the dot probably moves about an inch at fifty feet. But still. The Hogue grip is great. I had to use a rotary tool to make a hole in it for the stock release button, but it looks wonderful. The laser was kind of annoying. I got one on Ebay, and it turned out it did not come with pushbutton switch. It had a pressure switch and a
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