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  1. I'm in for free conversion... Sons birthday today (7-4-06). Eating cake and ice cream!
  2. Great deal, I'd be all over it if I didn't already have 3.
  3. Whatever you say pal..Anyone wanting to purchase anything from KC913 PLEASE SEE post #1
  4. @evlblkwpnz . I really appreciate your offer to make me the part but I must respectfully decline.. @KC913. I DON'T appreciate your refund ULTIMATUM. You can keep the money, I will keep this mag for spare parts. Why? Simple...I Don't trust you! You lied to me TWICE already. Old saying goes...Fool me once, shame on you Fool me twice , shame on me....... Look, This is not my "house". I am a guest here ,like we all are......This is the Feedback section. It states THE GOOD, BAD & UGLY. This, in my view is a Bad transaction so I felt compelled to - KC913.... Please Remember, I did not "
  5. First of all I should have posted details of my transaction with KC913 but didn't. and for that I apologize... That being said, Here is my side of the story, I purchased 3 M57 Mags from KC913 and did receive them quickly. One of the mags was missing a part. I kindly pm'ed KC913 about it and He told me he would get with the supplier and see if he could correct the problem. A few days later he pm's me back and said the supplier is sending him a replacement mag and he would in turn send me the part I need. *10 days* go by. No part. I pm KC913 to see if the replacement mag has arrived to him
  6. If what he sells you is broken or missing parts you will be S.O.L.
  7. Those look nice, May have to pick one up
  8. My buddy wants one as well so, make it a total of 3 for me please. w/ rings if you have enough if not without is o.k..
  9. Thanks for the review, I should be getting mine back from CGW this week or next.
  10. really dude, really.............

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