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    Mitchell Arms M90 price check?

    unfired? I would buy it quickly at $1250. $1500ish I would say is near average.
  2. supersp0rt

    WTB: AK-105 parts kit...

    I prefer Russian (or as many Russian parts as possible), but will happily listen to Bulgarian kit offers.
  3. supersp0rt


  4. supersp0rt

    A new direction for MD Arms;

    This is complete kickass news! At $25-30 for qs 47 mags Ill preorder in the double digits! Congrats on the expansion!
  5. supersp0rt

    Bulgarian 7.62 conical flash hider...

    Still looking...but thanks for the pm sunny.
  6. 24x1.5 threads...just like this one... http://www.k-var.com/shop/product.php?productid=16351&cat=289&page=1
  7. supersp0rt

    Want to play a game? Part 6

    146 Thanks!
  8. supersp0rt

    Arsenal SLR-107CR...

    Title pretty much says it all...
  9. supersp0rt

    Saiga Krinkov:

    http://www.onlykent.com/20100908/duke-nukem-forever-demo-on-its-way/ ...just sayin'
  10. supersp0rt


    over .50cal and no sporting purpose.
  11. supersp0rt

    Quad Stack Magazine over at ar15.com

    Holy shit...Im on mag overload here! Quad stack AK AND AR mags??! From reputable manufacturers to boot??! Definitely an exciting time!
  12. supersp0rt

    Bulgy 'Circle' Mags found on sale.. $19.xx

    Glad I acted quickly...they sure went fast. Please let me know if you ever find them for sub-$10...Ill buy a boatload
  13. supersp0rt

    Want to play a game? Part 5

    146 thanks!