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  1. As the title says, I have 10 brand new in the wrapper Pmags, most recent generation. These are 30 round mags. Asking 25$ each or 200$ for the lot of 10 plus shipping. No sales to communist states like Cali or NY, sorry.
  2. I have a Ruger Mini 14 Tactical for sale. This gun has seen fewer than 100 rounds. It is a GBP model, meaning it has an 18 inch barrel rather than the standard 16 inch. GBP models are very rare birds, I was told by the dealer I bought the gun from that they were built as FBI/Borderguard issue guns and the overruns were sold to the public, as such very few are in public hands. The gun has a Hogue OD green rubberized stock and an Ultimak scount 1913 rail mount for optics. The rifle comes with the original stock and handguard, box, and 11 Ruger factory 30 round steel magazines, as well as 2 Ruger
  3. Up please... I am interested in 561 series Mini 14's and side folding/triangle stock AK-74's in trade... also looking for a quality AR barrel, BCG. NOT interested in old pencil barrel Mini's.
  4. Thank you, and yes, as of 10am on Feb24, this is still available.
  5. Jams19991 contacted me a couple weeks back asking to buy a gun off of me. I gave him all my requisite information and he told me he would send a MO. It's been almost two weeks, he hasn't visited the forum since then and I've sent him a couple emails asking for a sitrep, but he won't contact me back. In any event, seller beware, sucks to be expecting to get money for an item you think is sold, but it never materializes. Too bad Jams19991 isn't a man of his word.
  6. Back up for sale, Jams19991 welched and never completed the deal. Whole package is still available.
  7. Best stamped AK out there that's "Available"... or at least was... was the Vepr. I had a hunch something like this gun control panic crap would go down so I bought four of them before the election, an x39, a 5.45, an x54R and a 12 gauge. My only regret is not getting a couple more of them. They used to run around 500$ from Centerfire for the intermediate guns, which was actually less than my LGS was charging for WASR-10's. There's a lot of hoopla over getting a square cut Vepr, frankly it's a bunch of bull, slant cut is just fine given modern stock options (like Bonesteel, excellent stocks
  8. I have integrated sights on my x39 and standard sights on my 5.45 and 7.62x.54R Vepr's... on the upside, the integrated sights are very nice, they have a finer aperture than normal and it seems like the sight picture almost looks the same. I like the fact that the swing weight is reduced by moving a big chunk of steel further back toward the reciever. On the other hand, it will not fit a standard gas tube, making a lot of handguard options "no-gos". The standard sights allow you to use a lot of standard hand guards, but they have more swing weight. Sight radius is a moot point to me, since
  9. Glass beads work well at removing the paint thats on it, and they shouldn't eat too far into the hardened steel. If you want something less abrasive try walnut shells.
  10. I've got 10 30 round Elander mags up for grabs. Pretty decent steel mags, on par with HK mags. They have stainless steel bodies and white polymer no-tilt followers. They have a black teflon coating that's really easy to insert into the FS2K, which is why I bought them. Two have been inserted into my FS, the rest are virgin and have never been loaded. They feed reliably in the FS, but I've only cycled a mags worth of ammo thru each (5.56 is too hard to come by these days to shoot more). Asking 250$ shipped for the lot of 10. I'm sure I could get more for them on gunbroker, but right now I nee
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