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  1. Mine is an 09; I bought brand new for $399 back around then. I got a good one. Does 1.5 to 2" 100yd groups with Russian spam can ammo; from a bench rest with an optic. It is more accurate than me. It works with every milsurp mag I've tried, consistently. I have not needed to use a bullet guide. I guess I got lucky.
  2. They are asking $495 for it and may be interested in working out a deal for a Century M74 I have. The .223 I had was an older EEA Saiga; the front site was so canted that I had to cut it off and replace it. As far as I can see, this .308 looks OK.
  3. My LGS has a 99 Saiga 308; stock,with a 22" barrel. It has definitely seen plenty of rounds. The crown looks decent and the barrel still has chrome shine with kinda sharp looking lands & grooves. I don't have a Saiga in .308; have 545 & 7.62x39. Sold my .223, wish I kept it. Any way, I would definitely scope (old/bad eyes) it and use it for a +200yd piece. My question is: Is there anything to be aware of with this "older" rifle? Sooner or later, I want to own a scoped +300yd semi, in a large caliber. This might be my cheapest option, with an upgraded stock. A PSL would be per
  4. I'm batting .500 with Century. Got one of their M74s and have been very happy with it, after nearly 1K rounds. Runs flawless, is as accurate as my Saiga 5.45 (1.5-2" MOA), cycles well with all my milsurp mags and seems fairly well put together. I also got a lemon of a M74 bullpup; must have had a .223 barrel cause it keyholed terribly at 20 yds. Took 6 months of "negotiating", but I got fully refunded and a free circle 10 mag for my trouble and shipping fee.
  5. Open the can, I can understand how a 16" barrel MAY be more accurate at 100yds (less barrel whip). But I cannot understand how the longer barrel would suddenly become more accurate at greater distances? Did the greater barrel whip of the longer barrel suddenly disappear because the target was moved to a greater distance? I can see a barrel heating up and that having some "accuracy" affect on both barrels?
  6. All went well. Mag was like new. Tight fit in my Saiga and M74, but locks in good enough to cycle reliably. Thank you!
  7. Bp02 rcvd already. Many thanks for hooking my friend up. He's very happy. His new 5.45 should be arriving any day now.
  8. I'll take it, if it is still available. PM heading your way shortly.
  9. Stay away from Century built 5.45 bullpups; unless you like keyholing at 25yds. Come to think of it, the way it makes water jugs explode; the high velocity, sideways bullet would be devastating to body tissue. Maybe I should have kept it?
  10. Package arrived yesterday. All is well, many thanks.
  11. I put a Bushnell Trophy MP (ACOG clone) on my 7.62 with a Belarus QR side mount. I could flip the cheek piece of my Saiga factory sketelon stock up and it was a perfect fit. It held zero and worked thru fine at least 1K rounds. I ended up trading it because it seemed to make my rifle feel top heavy when the mag was light; after extended shooting. I'm old, not getting any stronger, so my next will probably be a light, halo type dot.
  12. If all accessories are for 5.45x39, I'll take them. PM sent.
  13. If it is still available, will properly fit a OEM Saiga 5.45x39 rifle, and you will accept a USPO money order for $60; includes shipping, I will take it.
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